Monday, December 19, 2011

Glasshouse Country News

Following Yvonne's visit to Mountain Quilters in Peachester last month, an article has appeared in the Glasshouse Country News.  You can check out the paper here, and scroll through to the article on page 6.
Well said, Yvonne!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Visit to Nambour Special School

Thelma and Kay represented Sunshine Linus at the Nambour Special School recently, when the school held a  function to thank volunteers.  They were served a delicious morning tea and presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for the quilts and weighted blankets that we have donated.

...and the certificate

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

Today I represented Sunshine Linus at the Christmas party of the Mountain Quilters group who meet at Peachester. I was invited for morning tea and lunch but I didn't quite make it for morning tea as my satellite navigation for the very first time sent me on a wild goose chase. I made sure I had plenty of time to be on time, even rising early so that I could get the dinner on and sort the washing so the Prince of Darkness could get that done whilst I was away. I thought something was amiss when I went around the same block in Beerwah four times and even allowing for lack of concentration wasn't going anywhere so I pulled into the pub where I could either get directions or a drink to calm me down.

I hate being late and I was now 20 minutes late. Wouldn't you know it - new road works and since I haven't downloaded any new maps for ages onto the Satnav, this was why I was lost.

I was surprised when I found the Peachester Hall that there were so many cars there and doubly surprised when I saw the numbers of ladies present. Initially I missed the one and only man in the group. I was warmly welcomed and rushed over to a reporter from the local Glasshouse Newspaper where I was interviewed about Sunshine Linus. Sherryl Moody is the president of Mountain Quilters which boasts a membership of 52 women and 1 man and she introduced me to the members where I gave a talk about our group. I took some samples of a weighted blanket, touchy feely blanket and a box vanity bag.

A Touchy Feely Quilt
They were a very attentive and interested audience. After my talk they made a presentation of 13 beautiful quilts and 2 quilt tops to Sunshine Linus.There were many members who came and personally spoke to me about when we meet and wanting patterns for the blankets. I am very hopeful that some of the ladies and Martin may come to our January meeting and I am sure you will all make them welcome.

Mountain Quilters are a very active and welcoming group and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them. Naturally a beautiful lunch was served with true country hospitality. Make a note that their Annual Show will take place at the Peachester Hall on the 26th and 27th May. Their theme for 2012 is "Cats and Dogs" with a beautiful cats quilt up for raffle. Peachester is a gorgeous part of the Sunshine Hinterland and it would be a lovely drive up to see the work of these talented quilters.

Yvonne Atkinson

We had our last gathering for the year on November 28th, and it also served as our Annual General Meeting.  Our President Judie was unable to attend due to illness (thankfully, she's on the mend now), so Treasurer Yvonne ably conducted proceedings.
The new committee comprises:
President - Judie Bellingham
Secretary - Cynthia Gray
Treasurer - Yvonne Atkinson
Blog Editor - Beverley Young

The position of Vice President remains vacant and we'd welcome anyone who'd like to take this position (don't be frightened that you'll automatically have to step up for President next time - it doesn't necessarily follow).

Many thanks to the outgoing committee members, VP Sue and Sec Lorraine, for the great job they have done for the past year.
After the meeting the girls got busy sorting quilts to be given to the Gympie and Maryborough Special Schools - 142 quilts in all will be delivered shortly along with 1 quilt to raffle and 15 weighted blankets for each school.
Some of the beautiful quilts that were packed ready for distribution to the Gympie and Maryborough Special Schools

Yvonne has been busy making pyjamas for the women's refuges that we support
In addition, 7 quilts and 3 crochet rugs have been delivered to Katie Rose Cottage in Doonan and 9 new pairs of children's pyjamas to Lions Emergency Accommodation.
WOW, what a fabulous effort - well done everyone!
Judy S sorting the quilts for the Special Schools

We won't be meeting in December, so here's wishing a safe and happy festive season to everyone and we'll meet again on January 30, 2012.  (How can it be 2012 already???)

STOP PRESS:  We are happy to announce that Anne Wells has volunteered to be the Vice President of Sunshine Linus for 2012.  Welcome aboard Anne, it's great to have you with us.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

These bags were made for our stall at Queensland Quilters in November where we raised $250 for purchasing another roll of batting.
We have been extremely productive these past few months and are delighted with our progress.  After being up and running for just over 18 months, we've managed to provide quilts and other comforts for so many charity organisations and groups here on the Sunshine Coast.

We've also started making little pajamas for the little foster kids.  Yvonne's done a great job with these.

One of the activities our sister group Project Linus in Brisbane has been able to achieve over the years is to provide quilts to students of Special Schools in the Brisbane Region.  It was been our hope up here on the Sunshine Coast to be able at some time,  to do the same for our Special Schools.  To our delight, we have achieved that goal, way ahead of when we predicted that we would be able to. 

This is a fabulous pattern for boys - and we need lots of boys quilts!
7 Bags ready for delivery to Nambour Special School

At our last meeting on October 31st at the church hall, it took us some time to allocate each quilt to a child on the list the school provided for us. We knew the gender and the age and chose accordingly. The ages ranged from 7 years to 19 years, so we were challenged to find an appropriate quilt for each student. But we did it!

At the end of the meeting we delivered to Nambour Special School 110 quilts and 1 raffle quilt for the P&C to help to raise funds for the school.  What a buzz!! The staff were delighted as we rolled up in Kays van, with seven large bags full of gorgeous quilts.  One each for every student.  Here's some pictures taken as we were sorting quilts ready for delivery.

Anne with a lovely strippy quilt she has made - these are really gorgeous.

This quilt was made by Barb for her daughter (we had to show it off)

We have our AGM at the next meeting on the 28th November.  It should be a great day as we are hoping to have enough quilts for another delivery to a special school.  Watch this space!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Linus Stand at the Brisbane Quilt Show

Many people stopped to say hello and ask about Sunshine Linus.

Friday, October 7, 2011

26th September continued

Greetings all,

Bev arranged for a photographer come to take photos for the Sunshine Coast Newpapers. Some of the ladies had gone home so not as many ladies could be in the photos. Kade (the photographer) took lots of photos with all the finished quilts laid all around us & the surrounding floor. Keep a watch out for the article. Thanks Bev for organising this.
 A friend of Bev's made lots of machine embroidery blocks to be made into a child's quilt.

Judie reported that every teacher in Brisbane that had a school classroom damaged during the January floods were given a quilt recently by Project Linus in Brisbane.

Ann W reported that she has received some fabrics to be used for quilts donated by two ladies.

Bev Barton has been trying for 6 years to set up a home "KATTY ROSE HOUSE" in Doonan as a Community Hospice. Judie is looking into the prospect of Sunshine Linus donating quilts for the beds and patients.

Carol mentioned a place in Nambour "LILLY HOUSE" who would be greatful to have quilts donated. Again Judie is looking into it

Ruby has donated lots of lovely wool including nice baby wool. It has been given to Ann Wells to use and distribute to anyone who is happy to do some knitting.

BIG EVENT:   Queensland Quilt Show.  19th October 2011  

Jan and Ann knitted many, many pairs of big socks for the nursing homes.

Lee made a self sashing 4 block quilt. Lee said "It is a very quick way to make a quilt top".

This is Barbs work for the month. Sorry about the side view. Could not rotate the photo.

Yvonne finished of a partly finished quilt top by adding applique, and then finished off the quilt by using the Tying method.

Jude completed some weighted blankets. A quilt with Kaffe Fasset fleece, Polar Fleece backing on the quilt and quilted it with a mix of Serpintine Quilting.

Judy made more placemats and more Sit-Upons for some Kindergartens. They are all very bright and cheery.

Judie brought along a magnificent quilt that she had made a couple of years ago. I could not start to describe the beautiful applique and other techniques done on the quilt.

It is called " TAKING LEAF OF MY MY SENSES" there are hundreds of applique leaves and a variety of blocks. Judie bought the quilt in for us to look at.

A few weeks ago I went to some Rotary and  Lions Clubs to show them some of the work that Sunshine Linus is making for the needy. At the meetings they were very interested and they all listened intently where many questions were asked. We are very greatful to say that the funds were donated to Sunshine Linus. Without any of these donations we would not be able to buy some of the needs for the quilts. Batting / wadding is very costly and many of the ladies use their own fabrics, threads, machines and time so it is only right that we need to seek funding so we can provide the middle layer of the quilt to our volunteer quilt makers.

Thank you to: Rotary Club of Maroochydore, Rotary club of Woombye/Palmwoodsand the
The Lions club of Currimundi/Kawana.We also received fund from the Maroochydore RSL  and the Maroochy North Shore Lions.Our supporter, Queensland Quilters Inc also made a generous donation.

We received a letter of thanks from  LEAC, a Lions project We donated quilts and other knitted items.

On Monday 17th October there will  conducting another extra SEWING DAY from 9.30am to
2.30 pm. We will meet at Nambour Uniting Church (with the big steeple) on the north side of Nambour on the main road.

Our next Monthly gathering will be on the last Monday in October, 31st October 2011 from 9.30am
to 2.30pm.

So, until we meet again,
Happy Quilting,  BFN  Lorraine H

ps, some extra eye candy of work done last month. I apologise for the direction of the photos. It just would not go the way I wanted.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday 26th September

September saw us with a few ladies not in attendance. Maybe there are some Grannies who mind their little ones who are on school holidays.
We missed Sue as her MIL was going back to NewZealand on the next day of our gathering.
Sue is such a clever little beaver and dropped off some things, a fabulous Black and white large carry all with a tissue holder, lipstick holder and a smaller purse. There is a special purpose for this set. (No not for me, but I would like it )

Carolyn brought along her grandson and granddaughter to show their first quilts that they have made. Using their own ideas and colour combinations as the starting point it did not take long to produce 2 very nice quilts. I am sure Carolyn and their mother must be very proud of their quilting skills.
Watch out in the daily newspapers for the article on how they made their quilts. Well done !!!

Judie had a few items to discuss. Judie would like to have a Christmas gathering at her place a few weeks before Christmas. More about that as the time gets closer.

The Annual General meeting will need to be held in November as we probably will not have a December meeting. At the hat meeting we will have to select a new Committee including a Blog editor.
The liability fees have been paid, thanks to Bev's husband Rowan.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a few more items of news

Greetings all,

At the Project Linus fundraiser at St Matthews Anglican Church, Sherwood, Ruby Houston (Brisbane co-ordinator Project Linus) was interviewed by the ABC along with the family and little boy Jake who received the 10,000 quilt recently.  Here’s a link to that interview:

And recently Judie and Ruby were attendees on a panel discussion as part of the Ideas Festival held at the State Library of Queensland.  Judie and two other charity spokespersons were interviewed in front of a live audience.  Here’s a link to that event:

Congratulations to all who contributed to the successful fund raiser in Brisbane for Project Linus. Approximately $4,500 was raised through entry to the quilt show, our craft table and generous donations. 

BFN til next week, Happy quilting,
Lorraine H

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gathering 27.06.2011

Greetings all,

Gee the nights have been very cold lately. The school holidays are over.

At our last gathering there were lots of oh so great items for show and tell.
Judie had lots of news to pass on to us.

We all need to learn a bit more about machine quilting. We can all do with another skill to learn. (LOL)
I know lots of the ladies in our Linus group have been quilting and for that I say a big thanks.

A lady, Bev made and donated more than 35 quilts. They are all beautiful.

There is lots of fabric coming in. Ann Stewart from our group has donated many bags of fabric,Thanks Ann.

At present there is an over abundance of Poly fabrics, which of course we tend not to use in our quilts.
We will donate these to Lifeline and I am sure they will be of use to them. 

We all agree that there is a need to have lots more kits made up. Marilyn made up lots of Feely touchy quilt kits and she and other ladies made them up which was of great help and most of them have been distributed to places of need. eg, nursing homes. The people who are suffering from dementure are enjoying the various different feeling and sounds and sometimes even brings back memories of the past when they used to use the different fabrics in the lap size quilts. Visually impaired people find them god to touch.

Some Ladies would be happy to go to Craft groups, Quilting groups etc to talk about what Sunshine Linus is and how we make quilts and donate them to the various people.
 A show and tell to go with it would be great to get public interest.

The fete that Judie's Brisbane group supports at Sherwood was on 2 weeks ago. We will be interested to Know how it was.

Sue Eagle, Thelma, Ann Wells and other ladies made many items to sell. I know Judie will be very grateful for the time and effort that goes into these things. Box bags,  a wow! tea cosy with pom poms on, baby items, scarf and beanie sets and scarves just to mention a few.

Barb has made 5 quilts using Polar fleece for the backing.

Marge made more sitting mats for a Prep class.

Bev will do a "Quilt as you go"  impromptu lesson

Leigh made several big quilts in black and gold. They were very nice.

Judy  (Maloola ) made a fabulous Pirate quilt. Some lucky little fellow will just love it.
She also made a great quilt with lots of beach houses. I love both these quilts.

Judie will try to arrange an extra day in August for us all to help in making up kits. It will help to use some of the bags of fabric. Depending on the availability of the Church hall.

Marilyn advised us of an upcoming Quilting weekends. One is September 2nd and the other one is  2nd weekend in February.  The cost is $130.00 The weekends are at the Mapleton  Baptist Retreat.

OUR BIG, BIG news is that we celebrated our 1ST BIRTHDAY with a yummy chocolate cake  Ann Wells made. It is quite amazing to know that so many quilts have been given to so many people in need.

Happy  1st Birthday Sunshine Linus.

Our next gathering will beheld on 27th July, 9.30am -2.00pm

Until then, happy quilting,  BFN  Lorraine H  Secretary.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part 2 of 30.5.2011 gathering

Greetings again,

I omitted to give some important facts:

As of 31st May 2011 the following were donated and delivered:

25 boys and girls quilts to Foster Care (GIFT)

15 weighted blankets to Nambour Special School

15 weighted blankets to Currumbin Special School

Hats and beanies to the Premmie ward at Nambour Hospital

Thanks everyone for the great effort and time given to make these items that will help some people in need.

BFN   Lorraine H

29th May 2011

Greetings all,

Having had a extra little time showed how so many articles have been made and donated, thank you to all the girls that have spent so much time donating the many things. Well done :-)  :-)

Our AGM meeting will be held in December as to make the audit from January to December. Thank you to Yvonne for all your work and expertise in looking after the money side of Sunshine Linus.

At the meeting everyone shared the items made:

Bev's DH  (dear husband) Rowan has offered to pay next year's Public Liability costs. A very big thank you for your offer.

The weighted blankets were greatly received.

A.E.I.O.U. via the Local University is interested in our venture. Sue Eagle has a contact there.

10,000th QUILT was donated to a Brisbane lad. Jake's sister and Mum were given a quilt as well.

Judie was invited to speak and also be on a panel lead by Robyn Franks at an Ideas festival.
The podcast of the ideas Festival has been posted on the web.
 I can only just hear it, maybe you will be able to hear it.

A journalist from the Buderim Newspaper has offered a 2 page spread about Sunshine Linus.
Janine Hills will be contacted to invite her to visit Sunshine Linus on one of our Monday gatherings.

Judie has designed a flyer a flyer " Providing quilts and other comforts to those in need on the Sunshine Coast, Qld." Thank you Judie it does look great. 
We can all print off and use wherever the need arises. Judie sent a group email and the flyer as an attachment.

Thank you to Thelma who took the donated Janome sewing machine to the Sewing Machine Doctor at Forest Glen.
He serviced the machine and added a SafetyTag.

What a good result, the machine is now in good condition and the BEST part he donated the service to Sunshine Linus.

If you need a machine serviced just take the machine to Penny at Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen and he will pick from there and return it to Penny.
I am not too sure, the cost of a  basic  general service cost is approximately $120  His name is Stephen. 

The fete that Judie is affiliated with is on the 8th July 2011 at
St Matthews at Sherwood in Brisbane. Any donations are greatfully received. 

Sue Eagle is as ever busy making things for Linus include Box zip bags, quilts, a lovely baby quilt.
Sue had a call from Howards selling his fabrics.

Sharron, for the month made 12 xray bags. Leeanne from Oncology has a request for little bags to put the Wheat packs in. A good size is 12 inches by 18 fold in an 1inch at the top for a drawstring.

Sharron uses caps in theatre and will bring one in to show us and some of us will make them for Nambour Hospital Theatre.

Tony made his way into the Monday gathering with more quilts from his wife Lee. I think he enjoys the little bit of stirring he gets when he enters. Thanks to Lee and Tony.

Clever Ann made seven bags, seven hats a quilt with seven inch blocks and a pinwheel quilt.

Judie has a friend who has donated $50.00 to Sunshine Linus. Very greatful for the donation.

Thelma continues to make lots of bindings for the completed quilts then some of the ladies sew the binding on to the quilt, then others sew the labels on the back.

Barb always has some spectular quilts to donate.
During the last month barb had a nasty sewing machine (maybe because she is such an over achiever) her machine died from old age and over use.
Come in Janome that was donated.

A quilt made of Liberty fabrics will be raffled and the funds will go to Breast Cancer.

Barb has a constant craving for Liberty fabrics. If anyone has some Liberty fabrics Barb will use them well.

For every item made there is a label added to the back. This is a very big job and I send them a big thank you. They work very well together at the Monday gathering. It is a big job and it gets done so

Bev made a quilt as you go quilt and then quilted it. A friend Jill sewed the bindings onto the quilt.

Not too sure who made the Angel quilt. This will make a little girl very happy.Judy ???

Margaret helped Bev make a trip around the world quilt.

Pat made many premmie beanies, obviously needed in this cold spell of winter.

Judy made some premmie beanies.

Carolynne (?) sorry not sure, made flannelette boys big quilts and more box bags, and strip quilts.

Judy made some lovely place mats for nursing homes, some premmie blankets and a beautiful little girl bag, and some more bags.

I have finished some Touchy Feely quilts.
My daughter has connections with some of the nursing homes so we will visit the Beachwood Care Services at Kawana and will donate some of the touchy feely quilts to their dementia people, who will  enjoy them.
Lots of laces, ribbons and different textures are sewn onto them will help in their times of sitting.

Our next gathering will be on Monday the 27th June 2011 from 9.30am to approx 2.00pm.
Can you please bring old sheets to put under the tables as it saves vacuuming the large area. Thanks.

Until next we meet happy sewing and quilting, BFN   Lorraine H 

Here is some eye candy to show the many talents of the group.

One of the bundles of    quilts completed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

April meeting moves forward a couple of weeks.

I do hope you all had a very restful and enjoyable Easter.  We did miss those who could not make it.

Judie bought some quilts for distribution.

Cheryl told the group about a lady who lives in America by the name of Temple Grandin, a lady who has Autism she also has Phd's in Animal husbandry found some types of animals displayed similar behaviours of that of children with Autism.
Needless to say the "weighted blankets" are greatly needed.
I counted 9 weighted blankets completed ready to be given to the appropriate children / adults who will benefit from them.
You might like to look up her website I have listed. I am sure you will understand a little more about Autism. I have done studies about this lady and found her to be inspirational, yet she has many of the Autism traits. Enjoy!

Bev taught Jill how to make the weighted blanket, Well Done and thank you, Bev

Chris Potter who represents The Foster Children of the Sunshine/Gympie districts has a group known as "GIFT"  accepted 44 zipper bags made by the Sunshine Linus ladies for their EASTER APPEAL.
With toiletries added the girls and boys will be grateful to receive them.
Here are just a few of them ready to be added with the others.

While Chris was there on the 18th Linus S.C set a target to aim for.
The number of quilts targeted for donation has been set at 100 for the year. A good  size is 40" x 60"
Theme quilts are great and brightly coloured quilts are also well received.
Kate , Janice & Lorraine had some finished Touchy Feely Quilts for Visually impaired and Alzheimer's suffers.
They are very touchy and feely.

Thelma bought some things Liz Kerr gave her. All items are greatly received.Thelma achieved her 1st quilt for Linus.  By the way Thelma has made hundreds of quilt bindings which is certainly a big effort.

Lifeline are keen to take any fabrics that we cannot use after many culling sessions. They use any donations.

Coolum quilters are having a show at the Baptist Church, David Low Way sometime in May. 14th May was mentioned but someone could let me know I will add a blog message.

At the last gathering we had ready for distribution:
47 X Ray bags
  3 Touchy Feely quilts
 29 Blankets of Love
   9 Weighted blankets
 21 Girls quilts
 14 boys quilts

That is a wonderful effort from all the ladies from Sunshine Coast Linus

Our next gathering will be on at Nambour Uniting church on 30th May at 9.30

Hope you all had a pleasant Mother's Day.

Til next meeting I wish you happy days of quilting.
BFN  Lorraine H

Friday, March 4, 2011

Photographs from the 28th Feb 2011 gathering.

A lovely embroidered blanket which was donated with just the duck made. The donation included the blanket binding.

This quilt is ready to be sandwiched and quilted for completion.

A "Touchy Feely" quilt completed. These quilts are for visually impared children and Alzheimer's patients in Nursing homes.

These ladies are cutting and preparing kits for the "Touchy Feely" quilts.

This quilt is a "Mile a Minute"  quilt for obvious reasons. It is made using many strips.

Zippered bags for many things. The blue bag is the sample that Sue took us through an impromptu demonstration.
These bags will be used for Foster children to carry their personal things,eg tooth brush and toothpaste.
Many of the members will be keen to make these as gifts as well.

I would like to thank Bev for supplying the photos.
Enjoy the quilts etc.

BFN. happy stitching,  Lorraine H