Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Monday 22nd February

Well let's hope that was the last hot meeting day for 2021! We all thought we had escaped the worst of the hot weather this summer, but it wasn’t to be!
This month and next month the members of Sunshine Linus will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a lovely quilt made by Chris F from Thagoona. Thank you Chris! Wadding will be purchased with proceeds from the quilt. The raffle will be drawn after the AGM on 29th March.

It appeared that stuffed toys and teddies were the flavour of the month at Monday’s meeting.

Margaret had made this assortment of adorable characters.

Bev S donated this band of jolly characters. How did she manage to stuff all those tentacles?

Even Sunshine Linus’ President Susan was in the mood for soft toy making! How gorgeous is Miss Piggy!

Barbara arrived with a stash of loveable tiny teddies.

The Yarners had been busy too, obviously preparing for the cooler months ahead (we hope!) Shirley arrived with a selection of beautiful baby items.

Vivienne and other members of her church group made and donated three snuggly, pastel coloured rugs.

Jill belongs to a group called the Order of the Eastern Star. They used balls of wool donated by patients at the 4WF ward to make this cosy collection of knitted shawls and quilts.

The Sewing Team and Sensory Team arrived with bags of hand made items.

Lorraine shows her stockpile of items.

Lisa donated 15 towelling-topped pillowcases!

Gail arrived with a stash of 'touchy feely' blocks, mats and card holders.

Thank you to all the members who answered the request for card holders. There were plenty to be distributed.

The Noughts and Crosses sets are still popular. How simple but how clever!

Jenny D has been getting creative with this amazing cubbyhouse cover. It is destined for STEMM (Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring).

Jenny also found time to make this snood. It is a hair covering for a renal patient at Nambour Hospital. Try making this with a number 2 crochet hook!

Jenny models the snood.

Claire made an assortment of colourful sensory items for the new Palmview State Special School that opened this year.

Claire also made a sensory mat from waterproof fabric her neighbor donated.

Lots of lovely quilts arrived for distribution this month. Lorraine managed to piece a pretty embroidered quilt despite hurting her shoulder.

Sharon made a sweet QAYG quilt using donated blocks.

Annie donated a lovely quilt with a large, central, pink star and smaller yellow star. She also made a charming owl-themed quilt and a pretty 'square in a square' quilt.

Anne made a bright, strippy heart-themed quilt using the QAYG technique.

Orrawin demonstrated her expertise making scrap quilts again with an 'on-point' 16 patch quilt.

Robyn showed a very cute crib quilt she had made.

Gwen made a two very interesting and intricate quilts. The first used a variation of the four patch theme and the second quilt incorporated quarter circles and curved piecing.

Glorianne made an intricate stained-glass 'stack and whack' quilt using a kit donated by Strathpine Quilters.

Dorothy and a friend Bronwyn worked together to make this lovely quilt made from the 'Under the Australian Sun' range of fabrics.

Many other stunning quilts have been donated these past few months. Here are a few:

A close-up of the quilting

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Easy Corner Triangles
When making easy corner triangles on a quilt block start stitching at the top of the block rather than the corner (see where pencil is pointing) as this provides more fabric for your sewing machine feed dogs to grab when you begin stitching.

Stitch slightly to the outside of the drawn line (on the side that is to be trimmed).

This will give you a perfectly sized block when you press the block open.

Things To Remember:
  • The new quilt sizing chart and labels can now be found on the pages tab. Click on the arrow in the top right hand corner of the page and this should allow you to print the document. You will get 4 labels per A4 sheet of paper. Please attach one of these labels to your quilt before donating to Sunshine Linus.
  • Don't forget to purchase your raffle tickets for the raffle quilt at the next meeting.
  • Activity Day: Monday 8th March (to be confirmed). We will be making surgical gowns.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Cancellation of Activity Day for February

Hi Everyone, just a reminder that the Activity Day for February has been cancelled. We do hope to continue Activity Days once permission has been given by the church. The next restricted meeting will be Monday February 22nd - only a few weeks away. We do hope to see you there. Don't forget to contact Janet to book a spot!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Monday 18th January

So another year begins and the COVID restrictions remain in place for the foreseeable future but that didn’t deter the dedicated team of Sunshine Linus committee members. They arrived bright and early to set up at the church hall ready for the arrival of Sunshine Linus’ members for the first meeting of 2021.

Once again Margaret and Sue were on hand to set out an array of
donated items on the 'freebie table'.

Thelma was stationed at the table out the front ready to check-in members, including Fran.

Sharon, Susan and Jan welcomed attendees and collected membership forms. (New membership forms can be located on the right hand side of the blog under the ‘pages tab’. Please complete a form and return to Sharon even if you pay your membership fee online).

Members sort through the ‘freebie table’ looking for those
hidden gems.

 Maria and Jenny look through the button collection.

Lee arrived with a smile and donation of several, colourful blockenspiels and breast cancer pillows.

Sandra showed some of the pretty breast cancer pillows and drainage bags she has been sewing during the holidays.

Elaine donated these beautiful baby items, including pyjamas, a pinafore and panties. Elaine also showed several sets of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ games she had created.

Judith showed two of a number of gorgeous Angel packs, all beautifully packaged ready for the 'Baby team' to distribute.

Clare arrived with a pile of fun, sensory cushions and a range of cute and cuddly, weighted furry friends (a special request from a client).

Rosemary delivered a set of quaint sea creatures she had crocheted. They are destined for the children’s ward at SCUH.

Once again the tables were overflowing with donated items thanks to the generosity of Sunshine Linus members and friends.

Faye delivered a stack of quilts, blockenspiels, beanies and jumpers donated by the Bribie Island ladies.

Dorothy arrived with a pile of lovely quilts. A friend had given her the tops to quilt.

Lisa showed this delightful, animal-themed and weighted quilt she had made using a series of fabric panels.

Anne showed a bright, rainbow quilt she had stripped pieced using fabric from one of the plastic tubs she had taken home during the holidays.

Kaye showed a charming quilt featuring three circular pieced blocks and a ‘stack and whack’ quilt she had made from blocks and fabric from the ‘freebie table’.

Orrawin loves a challenge. She pieced together an incredibly intricate ‘I Spy’ quilt using small scrap blocks from the ‘freebie table’ and a vibrant checked quilt, again using scrap blocks from the ‘freebie table’.

And then it was time for members to head home again after signing out of course!

Maria signs out with Susan and Janet before

Of course the day doesn’t end at this point as soon after the distribution process begins and then of course it is pack-up time!

This month’s Hints, Tips and Tricks come courtesy of Carole F:

  • When you thread your machine needle you should have your presser foot up and instead of moistening your thread you moisten behind the eye of the needle (the back of the needle) - the thread is attracted to moisture and threads easily.
  • If pins are hard to push through fabric, put pins into a bar of soap - this puts a coating on the pins.

Some Reminders:

  • Check out this month’s newsletter and President’s message. The newsletter can be found under the pages tab.
  • Remember to print off a nomination form and send to Janet ready for the AGM in March. The nomination form can be found under the pages tab.
  • Make sure your membership is up to date. Again the form can be found under the pages tab and you can also pay the membership fee $20 via direct debit if you wish.
  • The Action Day planned for February has been cancelled.
  • Remember to sign out after each meeting.

Hope to see you again soon!