Free Patterns

These patterns are in PDF form and are available for anyone to download and use. 

Seat Belt Port Protectors
Here is the link: Seat Belt Port protectors
Breast Cancer Comfort Cushion
Here is the link: Instructions
Here is the link: Pattern

Adult Hospital Gown B

Adult Hospital Gown
Here is the link: Adult Gown Instructions

Children's Hospital Gown
Here is the link: Hospital Gown Instructions

Face Masks
Here is the link: Mask Instructions

Crocheted Boobs
Here is the link: Crocheted Boobs

Niki Pump Bag
Here is the link: Niki Pump Bag

Renal Quilt
Here is the link: Renal Quilt

Baby Beanie
Here is the link: Baby Beanie

Wheelie Walker Bag
Here is the link: Wheelie Walker Bag

Breast Drainage Bag:
Here is the link: Drainage Bag

Cancer Patients' Hat
Here is the link: Cancer Hat

Hospital PJ Tops
Here is the link: PJ Tops

Hospital Arm Slings
Here is the link: Arm Slings

Crochet Star Ball
Here is the link: Crochet Star Ball

Crochet Flower Ball
Here is the link: Crochet Flower Ball

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern
Here is the link:Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball

Drink Bottle Holder
Here is the link: Pattern for Drink Bottle Holder

Kanyini Bear
Here is the link: Kanyini Bear information sheet and instructions

Twiddle Muff
Here is the link: Twiddle Muff

Cloth Balloon Bag Cover
Here is the link: Cloth Balloon Bag Cover

Hospital Patient Bag
Here is the link: Hospital Patient Bag

Cuddle Heart
Here is the link: Cuddle Heart

Here is the link: Blockenspeil instructions

X-ray Bag
Here is the link: X-ray Bag Instructions

Wrap Bib
This is a very versatile bib. It's easy to sew and simple for the wearer to put on.
Here is the link: Wrap Bib

Knitted Premmie Hat
The first pattern we have for you is a knitted Premmie Hat, designed by our first Treasurer, Lorraine Hartley. 
Here's the link: Knitted Premmie Hat

Embroidered Blocks Charity Quilt
Embroidered Blocks Charity Quilt is very easy to make and it great if you would just like to embroider blocks for someone else to put the quilt together.  Here is the Link for you: Embroidery Block Charity Quilt Instructions

Touchy Feely (Tactile) Quilts for Dementia Patients
One of the most popular items that we make at Sunshine Linus is the Touchy Feely Quilt (Tactile) for dementia patients.  It's a great way to use up all that habby stuff you've got stuffed in your cupboards, and that fabric you bought to make yourself a skirt 25 years ago!  Here's the link: Touchy Feely Quilt Instructions for Dementia and Autistic patients

Easy Four Patch Charity Quilt
Here's a very easy quilt to make for your favourite charity, and it's made up of a four patch unit and simple squares.  Enjoy!  Easy Four Patch Charity Quilt Free Instructions

Simple Sashing Quilt for Charity
Yes, it's magic.  Work you way through this very easy set of instructions and you'll come up with an easy yet dynamic quilt.  Free Quilt Instructions for Easy Charity Sashing Quilt (variation of a Disappearing Nine Patch)

The Brick Charity Quilt Pattern
Here's a very easy quilt made with just one block.  Just tilt the block one way or another to make a great quilt for charity. The Brick Charity Quilt Patterns

Crochet Butterfly Pattern for Touchy Feely Quilts.   Crochet Butterfly Pattern from Sunshine Linus.

Fiddle Bags for Dementia Patients and Special Needs Children Free Fiddle Bag Instructions

Lap Weighted Blanket Free Pattern.  This pattern has been devised by Claire Taylforth for Sunshine Linus Inc.  Lap Weighted Blanket Instructions

Wheel Chair Quilt - Free Instructions Wheel Chair Quilt Free Instructions

Wheel Chair Bag - Free Instructions Wheel Chair Bag Free Instructions

Alternate Wheel Chair Bag Pattern Alternate Wheel Chair Bag Pattern

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  1. Love this pattern! So many wheelchair quilt patterns include the larger size for a wheelchair and don't include that the quilts be made with the tapered size and the bottom. Many people need the 36" x 36" measurements for smaller people. Plus th is simple technique for making the wheelchair lap throws keeps them from dragging under the front of them. Thanks for sharing!!! God bless.