Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our first gathering for 2014 - it was hot, but it didn't stop us!!

20th January 2014

Our first gathering day of the year and it was a beauty!  A very hot day didn't keep our intrepid members away and we achieved a huge amount.  We tweaked the procedure of the gathering day slightly and it made a great difference.  With new signs for our workstations, and Linkers (girls who link idle hands with sewing tasks), everyone was keen to get down and get busy.  Of course this didn't stop the catching up or the laughs and fun we always bring to the day.

We welcomed a half dozen new members to our group and had the pleasure in presenting each new member with our New Members Brochure, in order to help to ease the new member into the group, especially on their first day!

Thanks to Lee for taking these fabulous photographs of the day.  No need to elaborate any longer - the photos and captions speak for themselves!

Our Perspex signs worked a treat!
Kay showed us a number of quilts that have been made using a zigzag block - she'll be showing us how to apply this technique at the next gathering.
Barb put this little beauty together - all quilt as you go.  Love the colours Barb!

Rosemary has made this quilt as you go out of scraps - it looks fantastic Rosemary!
A puzzler from Sandra - isn't it fabulous?

Here's the back of a terrific quilt made by Bev......
........and here's the front.
One of two quilts made and donated by Leone (that's her with the big smile to the left)
Lorraine and her band of helpers have just about finished making the weighted vests for special needs kids in special schools.  An amazing achievement indeed.
A huge day for Claire and her helpers in getting these goodies packed and distributed
These quilts are for those suffering Muscular Dystrophy - they're designed to suit wheelchair bound men and women, note the cut out piece on each side at the bottom - so the quilts don't get caught in the wheels!
Lots of work and chatting all at once - who said women can't multi-skill?
The Blankets of Love and Premmie Workstation and Linker Jan.
A terrific creation by Sharon, using plaids and men's shirting materials.
Here are three delightful sisters who enjoy each others company and being part of Sunshine Linus.
Another of Claire's creations - again not one piece of 100% cotton. And they're so snuggly!
A quilt that is made from knit fabrics and polar fleece - yes it can be done!


As you can see it was a terrific day and we distributed an enormous amount of items to the community.  Our next gathering on the 24th February will see us make our final delivery to Caboolture Special School with quilts and Weighted Vests for their students.  Kay is also going to show us how to put together the zigzag block in various ways to make quick and easy quilts. 
See you then!