Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Monday 24th February, we enjoyed a very busy, but fruitful gathering yesterday.  We welcomed some new members and visitors to our eventful day.  We managed to pack up and distribute the 110 quilts that were the remainder from our donation late last year and more quilts for the new enrolments for 2014, and also Hervey Bay Special School received nine quilts for the new enrolments together with a gorgeous raffle quilt for their P&C to raise much needed funds. 

Many busy hands and generous hearts in attendance today!

Dawn Anthonysz from
SCOPE Quilt Project

But wait – there’s more – lots more!!  If you’re interested in reading about all the other items that were distributed during our busy day please click on the prompt to the right of this screen “What we do and where it goes” and you’ll get a thorough run-down of our activities for February.
We were very honoured to have the Co-ordinator of the Scope Quilt Project Dawn Anthonysz and members of the group, together with the group’s contact Avril from SCOPE (Domestic and Family Violence Service, Sunshine and Cooloola Coast) in attendance at our gathering. 

This group has worked tirelessly and generously providing quilts for the clients of SCOPE over 12 years and is to be congratulated on their professional and sensitive provision of quilts to SCOPE’s clientele.  Dawn addressed the group with the sad news that the Quilt Project is disbanding and as a result has asked Sunshine Linus to endeavour to continue their wonderful work with SCOPE. 
Dawn also generously donated all of the resources that remain, together with a cheque for $342.00 from the now closed account from the Quilt Project to Sunshine Linus.  Sunshine Linus is privileged to be the ongoing torch bearers for this vital service to the SCOPE organisation. 
We also welcomed Maureen and Bevan Gallagher who addressed the group on behalf of their son and two other young men who are currently endeavouring to move into a purposely built home on the Sunshine Coast.
It was interesting to hear their amazing story of generosity from organisations such as the Holy Spirit  Order of Sisters and the Franciscan Friars.  Though the families have been waiting for almost two years for the State Government to approve the care funding packages for their sons, they are hopeful that approval is not too far away as it is understood that packages are now becoming available.  We sincerely hope that these young men will be able to move into this home, one that is fully furnished and landscaped, just waiting for these special residents.
We were delighted to give Maureen and Bevan some quilts for the men’s beds, and a wheelchair quilt for one of the men’s wheelchair.  If you would like to know more about the Maroochydore house, you could contact Maureen and Bevan on
Here’s a photographic display of what went on at our gathering.

We have another gorgeous quilt for our friends at 4 Paws Animal Rescue Shelter.  This quilt will help 4Paws to raise much needed funds. 

One of a number of Wheelchair Quilts made by Jan - these are in very much demand at present.
Claire was given this completed cross stitch by Sarah and has turned it into a delightful sensory wall hanging which will be given to the RSL high care ward at Tarantula.  The leaves and gum blossoms are so beautifully worked, they look as if they've been plucked from the nearest gum tree.  Well done Claire!
Thanks to Nicky for presenting the binding workshop.  I'm told that there were a number of ah-ha moments.  Sunshine Linus is always keen to share skills and techniques.  Just ask.
There was a wonderful range of quilts and other comforts given for distribution today.  It's always such food for the soul to see so many willing helpers to bring these gifts to fruition and get them to where they're needed most. 
Another scrappy beautifully made by Jan oops!  My apologies to Maggie, who has reminded me that this beautiful quilt was her creation. Gorgeous Maggie!

A touchy feely quilt for nursing homes.  These quilts bring enormous comfort to those who are suffering senile dementia or Altzheimers Disease.
This quilt was made by Annie, and completely flannel.  It was so soft and will be delightfully warm for a little one.
Liz was still stitching the binding on this one, but we got to see it during show and tell.
This is a beauty and great for a young man.
Very cute!!
Another wonderful quilt top created by Jan.
Both top and bottom quilts are scrap happy!!
Our next gathering is only in two weeks time on the 10th March.  We've slotted in an extra meeting where we'll be having an other workshop - this time presented by Kay Nightingale and it's all about the zig zag block.  Please feel free to join us, the more the merrier!! See you then.