Monday, March 27, 2017

27 March 2017

 Fewer quilts were presented at Show and Tell but many were added to the distribution tables, along with an increase in knitted goods. Well done to those hardy souls who have managed to knit/crochet in the heat and humidity of our summer.

Val showed how a variety of knitted/crocheted squares could be assembled into a knee rug. 
Knitted socks  in strong colours for kidney patient use were produced, as well as berets and beanies and lots of rugs and shawls. 

Touchy feely bracelets, masses of weighted cushions, fiddle bags and feeling friends crowded the tables.

 Dorothy has used to good effect two panels from the donated freebies plus a cute bunny which became the centre piece of the tartan quilt below.

Glorianne likewise used a donated kit – Hearts and Panache – also creating a Star Wars themed quilt for a young boy.

Our friends from Bribie Quilters supplied a variety of designs including a quilt using paper-pieced animal motifs.

Lyn P assembled a wheelchair quilt made from left-over squares. 

Anne’s meticulous work this month included a pattern purchased on a recent trip to New Zealand and a red, black and white log cabin, the fabrics for which she has carefully chosen from our donations over some time.

 New member Dee returned three quilts with beautiful quilting designs, yet to be bound. 

President Kaye continues to quilt many items each month which others complete with appropriate binding. Our team of binding makers make the job easier for those finishing off these quilts as a member is able to select a length of binding from several bins of different colours.

Boxes of quilts that had been bound but lacked labels arrived from Warwick  and the labelling was completed by a large team of stitchers today while other members were kept busy putting strings onto our swing labels for the small goods, each of which are labelled by Sunshine Linus before distribution.

Next meeting is Monday, 24th April from 9.30am.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What we make and where it goes

LINUS DISTRIBUTION ​              27/02/2017
 1 ​sensory wall hanging, 1 Marvel’s weighted blanket, 1 weighted cushion, 1 weighted blanket                                   
1 fiddle bag
DEPT COMMUNITIES STRATHPINE      ​1 weighted cushion,  2 TF
 LOGAN HOSPITAL        ​    10 tiny caps
 MACKAY HOSPITAL          ​6 stillborn packs, 2 pods 
REDCLIFFE HOSPITAL        ​3 stillborn packs, 1 pod
LONGREACH HOSPITAL ​    1 stillborn pack, 1 pod
TOOWOOMBA HOSPITAL ​ 3 stillborn packs, 1 pod
ROCKHAMPTON HOSPITAL ​ 2 full term stillborn packs, 2 pods
REDLANDS HOSPITAL          ​3 stillborn packs, 1 pod
CABOOLTURE HOSPITAL​    3 stillborn packs, 3 pods
TOWNSVILLE HOSPITAL     9 stillborn packs, 1 pod
RECONCILIATION COUNCIL   ​2 quilts, 1 dress, t shirt, 6 t shirt and pants sets,  5 shorts, soft kids book, 14 pillow cases, 6 skirts, 12 knitted bears, 19 scarves, 1 beanie, 11 carry bags, 1 pr socks, 2 bags
SUNSHINE COAST PRIVATE ​HOSPITAL   ​1 raffle quilt, 1 dementia quilt
SCOPE  ​            92 quilts stored for distribution
BLI BLI AGED CARE    1 wheel chair quilt, 1 weighted rug, 1 TF ball, 1 TF cube, 1 TF book, 2TF muffs,                                                2 TF aprons, 2 TF rugs, 4 sensory rice bags 
OPAL SPECIALIST AGED CARE NAMBOUR   ​4 TF rugs, 2 TF aprons, 2 TF cubes, 2 small quilts, 2 crochet blankets                                                              
CURRUMUNDI  SPECIAL  SCHOOL    2 blocken spiels, ​6 balloon bags
GLENBROOK NURSING HOME     ​5 TF muffs, 1TF apron,  1 marble maze, 1 crochet rug 
SCOPE WOOMBYE    ​1 wall hanging, 2 bags of mood faces, 7 overnight bags, 5 clutch purses, toiletries,  6 shower bags, 14 carry bags
 IRT MERIDAN PLAINS               ​1 TF quilt 
DISABILITY SERVICES             1 ​weighted vest , 1  weighted blanket , 1TF rug, 1 rice bag   LANDSBOROUGH                   1 ​weighted vest, 1 weighted blanket
 PROJECT LOVE AND CARE      ​12 bears, 2 towels, 11 washers, 6 soft balls, 4 beanies, 1 doll, 1 dress ,

 5 library bags, 6 kid’s quilts, 1 baby quilt, 1 hat and bag set