Monday, December 19, 2011

Glasshouse Country News

Following Yvonne's visit to Mountain Quilters in Peachester last month, an article has appeared in the Glasshouse Country News.  You can check out the paper here, and scroll through to the article on page 6.
Well said, Yvonne!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Visit to Nambour Special School

Thelma and Kay represented Sunshine Linus at the Nambour Special School recently, when the school held a  function to thank volunteers.  They were served a delicious morning tea and presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for the quilts and weighted blankets that we have donated.

...and the certificate

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

Today I represented Sunshine Linus at the Christmas party of the Mountain Quilters group who meet at Peachester. I was invited for morning tea and lunch but I didn't quite make it for morning tea as my satellite navigation for the very first time sent me on a wild goose chase. I made sure I had plenty of time to be on time, even rising early so that I could get the dinner on and sort the washing so the Prince of Darkness could get that done whilst I was away. I thought something was amiss when I went around the same block in Beerwah four times and even allowing for lack of concentration wasn't going anywhere so I pulled into the pub where I could either get directions or a drink to calm me down.

I hate being late and I was now 20 minutes late. Wouldn't you know it - new road works and since I haven't downloaded any new maps for ages onto the Satnav, this was why I was lost.

I was surprised when I found the Peachester Hall that there were so many cars there and doubly surprised when I saw the numbers of ladies present. Initially I missed the one and only man in the group. I was warmly welcomed and rushed over to a reporter from the local Glasshouse Newspaper where I was interviewed about Sunshine Linus. Sherryl Moody is the president of Mountain Quilters which boasts a membership of 52 women and 1 man and she introduced me to the members where I gave a talk about our group. I took some samples of a weighted blanket, touchy feely blanket and a box vanity bag.

A Touchy Feely Quilt
They were a very attentive and interested audience. After my talk they made a presentation of 13 beautiful quilts and 2 quilt tops to Sunshine Linus.There were many members who came and personally spoke to me about when we meet and wanting patterns for the blankets. I am very hopeful that some of the ladies and Martin may come to our January meeting and I am sure you will all make them welcome.

Mountain Quilters are a very active and welcoming group and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them. Naturally a beautiful lunch was served with true country hospitality. Make a note that their Annual Show will take place at the Peachester Hall on the 26th and 27th May. Their theme for 2012 is "Cats and Dogs" with a beautiful cats quilt up for raffle. Peachester is a gorgeous part of the Sunshine Hinterland and it would be a lovely drive up to see the work of these talented quilters.

Yvonne Atkinson

We had our last gathering for the year on November 28th, and it also served as our Annual General Meeting.  Our President Judie was unable to attend due to illness (thankfully, she's on the mend now), so Treasurer Yvonne ably conducted proceedings.
The new committee comprises:
President - Judie Bellingham
Secretary - Cynthia Gray
Treasurer - Yvonne Atkinson
Blog Editor - Beverley Young

The position of Vice President remains vacant and we'd welcome anyone who'd like to take this position (don't be frightened that you'll automatically have to step up for President next time - it doesn't necessarily follow).

Many thanks to the outgoing committee members, VP Sue and Sec Lorraine, for the great job they have done for the past year.
After the meeting the girls got busy sorting quilts to be given to the Gympie and Maryborough Special Schools - 142 quilts in all will be delivered shortly along with 1 quilt to raffle and 15 weighted blankets for each school.
Some of the beautiful quilts that were packed ready for distribution to the Gympie and Maryborough Special Schools

Yvonne has been busy making pyjamas for the women's refuges that we support
In addition, 7 quilts and 3 crochet rugs have been delivered to Katie Rose Cottage in Doonan and 9 new pairs of children's pyjamas to Lions Emergency Accommodation.
WOW, what a fabulous effort - well done everyone!
Judy S sorting the quilts for the Special Schools

We won't be meeting in December, so here's wishing a safe and happy festive season to everyone and we'll meet again on January 30, 2012.  (How can it be 2012 already???)

STOP PRESS:  We are happy to announce that Anne Wells has volunteered to be the Vice President of Sunshine Linus for 2012.  Welcome aboard Anne, it's great to have you with us.