Friday, July 3, 2020

NEW Distribution Day

Hello everyone, you will probably have noticed that the previous post has been deleted to avoid any confusion. Due to the government announcing it is bringing forward the changes to Covid-19 restrictions to this Friday and due to difficulties with parking and access with the Lutheran Hall, the decision has been made to move our next meeting back to the Uniting Church Hall in Nambour on Monday 27th July. 

THIS WILL NOT BE A NORMAL MEETING. It will still be a Drop off and Pick up meeting with people doing a one way circuit past tables to drop off items and then past freebies and materials to pick up. In one door and out the other in 15-20 minutes! This will happen between 9:30am and 12:30 pm. We will still have monitor numbers in the hall carefully to maintain social distancing protocols.

We ask that you restrict the items you drop off as we expect a large amount and have limited requests and storage at the moment. Perhaps you can just put a large hole in your stockpile rather than completely clearing it!

Sorting, Distribution and Packing up for storage will be in a separate session in the afternoon after everyone has dropped off items, (so that we can meet social distancing requirements).

Jenny D will send out a further email later this month with details of the meeting organisation and a list of items that are on wish lists (both current and in the near future). 

Keep an eye out for further updates!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

It's Our Birthday!

Hi Everyone, thought it would be great to begin this month's blog post with a message from Sunshine Linus' President Susan:

"We’ve made it to double digits! This month is our 10th birthday and like everyone we have spent it in isolation. Plans for a big celebration have gone by the way and will have to be moved to a big party in 2021.
Who would have guessed when Judie Bellingham and her wonderful support crew started all this at The Patchwork Angel store 10 years ago that we would grow to the organisation we are today? It was the forethought of that group which allows our present group to do the wonderful work we do for our community. What started as an acorn of an idea quickly grew into an oak tree and provides members with a wonderful social meeting time as well as having the opportunity to hand make items for those in need within our Sunshine Coast community.
We have not met as a group since February 2020 but that doesn’t mean things aren't happening in the background and for this I must commend the wonderful members and committee. Although we had hoped for a distribution day in June with just the committee in attendance we have received news that the church is not available for use as yet. 
Looking forward to meeting again but for now stay safe and stay at home." 
Susan Hoy (President)

So while our monthly meetings remain in a 'holding pattern' let's take a look at what some of our members and friends have been creating:

Gabriele picked up this marvelous collection of goodies from her Peregian knitting and crocheting group last week and will be delivering them on behalf of Linus to Noosa Salvation Army and Noosa United Synergies.

Sunshine Linus Vice President Janet, has been busy making squares for rugs and Tish Antonia has been helping out!

Sandra found time to model one of the twelve scrub gowns she made for the trainee doctors and nurses at Sunshine Coast University Hospital.  They are able to be washed after the lessons when being used to teach about infection control and of course they will be very much appreciated at this current time.

Two weeks ago Claire made a delivery to Nambour Special School. They loved the school house sports mats so much that they decided that they didn't only want to use them on sports days. They asked her to add loops so they can hang them in one of the school buildings. Here is a picture of the WIRA mat with hanging loops:

Another creation of Claire's is this sensory 'Fish Bowl'. It's a big sturdy bag that fits around a frame and a child stomps around the bag which is filled with bean bag pellets or shredded paper. 

Claire's creativity continued with this selection of fruit and vegetables for lessons on shopping and lastly she has been making clothes for dolls, a fond reminder of her early sewing days. 

Jenny D was able to make a delivery to STEMM this last month. The staff at STEMM are committed to supporting the development  of the children as well as their young mothers and were very excited about the ways they could use the blockenspeils, sensory items and toys. 

Jenny also shared a photo of a sling she made for her 3 year old grandson who fractured his collar bone. We hope he heals up quickly!

Jenny H, Barbara and Kaye tried their hand at making quilts for renal patients while in lock down.

Jenny H created this cute, cat-themed renal quilt.

Barbara made one with an oriental flavour.

Kaye made this funky under-water themed version.

Kaye also pieced this very pretty quilt top using fabric donated by The Patchwork Angel.

A few reminders:

  • Keep an eye on this blog for further updates on possible meetings.
  • If you have any items for distribution contact Jenny D.
  • For those of us who live in hope you might want to check out the following link: Gympie Rotary Quilt and Craft Spectacular

Thursday, April 30, 2020

April: What's been Happening on the Home Front?

As the Covid19 lockdown continues the members and friends of Sunshine Linus remain focused and busy creating an abundance of items that will be ready for distribution once life returns to some normality.
Thank you to all the members who emailed photos of what they have been working on this past month!
Below are a selection of what our members have been creating.

Members of the Sensory team have been hard at work. Janet made these gorgeous twiddle-muffs. She has also been very industrious crocheting rugs and men’s beanies for SCUH. She indicated that warm head-wear for the fellas is often overlooked by crafting groups.

Gabriele crocheted these delightful flowers ready for the ‘Sensory Team’ to add to their creations. Gabriele also crocheted these pretty little rugs ready for the colder months:

Rosemary made these charming ‘touchy feely’ cubes using 6 inch foam rubber offcuts and bits sourced from the freebie table, crochet donations, and other ‘doodads’ she has bought and made!

Last week was a purple week so Claire made a 3m x 3m floor mat for the ‘Mundoo’ house at Nambour Special School. It is going to be used at events like sports carnivals. Claire also made a collection of coloured drawstring bags for the students to collect coloured objects.  A great way to use up pieces of textured fabrics!

The quilters have also been hard at work. Lyn has used a series of donated squares to complete this cheeky quilt top:

Anne has been trying her hand at making a flannel quilt with this geometric design:

Annie made this cute quilt using a set of batik strips Sue gave her:

Glorianne has been busy quilting other members quilt tops on her quilting frame:

The Baby Team has been extremely industrious having fulfilled a wish list request from the Pregnancy Loss Team and SCUH just before the lockdown. They have been building up stock so that they can send out items as they are requested.

A special thank you to Jan, who has done the most lovely smocking and embroidery for the Angel Packs. Each wrap has an embroidered rabbit in the centre and Jan has been churning them out.  

SCUH asked Sunshine Linus to increase the age range of the Angel Packs, so the Baby Team have been supplying a gown, wrap, beanie and booties for 20-23 weeks; 24-26 weeks and 27-29 weeks. They were also asked to produce packs for 30-33 weeks, 34-26 weeks and finally 37 weeks - full term. No doubt these ladies will need to work around the clock to produce the items and restock!!!! Good thing they are not going anywhere!

A special mention and thank you to Lorraine who donated two full length gowns, a number of smocked gowns together with a number of gowns cut out ready to go - all of these items were much appreciated and have all been used.

Jenny D has put out a request for ‘touchy-feely’ cubes, books and toys for STEMM. They are basically the same as the adult ones but use fabrics that appeal to children and perhaps with more ‘doodads’ that make noise. These items need to be made in the next two weeks and she will collect them if needed.

Remember to keep an eye out for Jenny’s emails with requests for particular items for Sunshine Linus’ wishlists!

To those amongst us who miss being able to attend the craft shows at this time, Craft Alive have set up an online version of their craft event, 'The Great Australian Craft Show 2’. It will be operating from 9am Friday 1st May through to Monday 4pm 4th May. You can find the information at this link here. 

Until next time, stay safe, stay well and keep on crafting!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Lockdown Continues....

Hello Everyone,  
We hope this blog post finds you in good spirits despite what's currently happening in the world. The one good thing about being a 'crafter' during times like this - there is plenty of time to complete all those UFO's we've accumulated plus, if we get bored we can always start a new project!

A few pictures to show what members and friends have been working on this past month:
Dee has been crocheting up a storm with this brightly coloured shawl. She has used a very simple L shaped pattern consisting of three squares.

Dee also tried her hand at creating a crochet version of the quilts that we donate for people who are confined to wheel chairs.

Jenny sent out a request for scrub caps for the Caboolture Hospital. Members exceeded all expectations and made 550 scrub caps (exactly) in one week! 
Claire made this colourful set of caps. You can find the pattern here.

Carole also made a number of double-sided reversible hospital scrub caps. You can find the pattern she used here.

Claire has also kept herself occupied making flags. The 4 flags are for the Nambour Special School houses.  

The second photo is the school emblem that will be hung in the staff room. At this time the message is very meaningful to everyone, not just the school.

Well that's all for now. Again, please stay safe and continue to stockpile those wonderful items you make!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Cancellation of March Meeting

Dear members and friends of Sunshine Linus, due to the the current situation with COVID19 and in accordance with public health recommendations our March meeting has been cancelled. We will continue to monitor events as they change and keep you updated.
Please stay safe and keep stockpiling your wonderful handmade items!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

A couple of reminders.....

  • Just a reminder to our members and friends that there will be no Linus Activity Day on Monday. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 30th March.
  • Jenny D has created a crochet pattern for the 'boobs' she spoke about at last month's meeting. The lactation consultants at SCUH have asked for more of the crocheted boobs to use as an aid for teaching breastfeeding. They want different sizes in different colours. The pattern is on the blog and can be found here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monday 24th February

There were 81 members and 8 visitors in attendance at this month's meeting and lots of new members have been added to the membership roll! A warm welcome to our new members!

Thelma found herself back in the kitchen organising morning tea. A big thank you to Thelma for her faithful support of Sunshine Linus over the years as Kitchen Co-ordinator. Next month will be Thelma's last turn in this role so make sure you take time to go over and thank her!

Jenny, Janet and Leslie were caught having a giggle as they showed several sets of ‘boob’s’ Jenny had crocheted and knitted for the maternity section at SCUH. They will be used in antenatal classes to show first-time mums how to breastfeed.

Fran and Eileen found themselves inundated with a whole pile of lovable Kanyini bears to label.

Dawn was happy to show a collection of very quirky, ‘touchy feely’ clappers she had made using yogurt container lids!

Show and Tell began with Lorraine and Susan modelling two of the knitted shawls that are always in high demand. They are basically made from three 45” to 50” squares stitched together in an L shape with a button on the front.

The Yarners Team have been creating a range of very cute sea creatures made from small scraps of wool.

Kaye has kept herself busy making a selection of bags that can be used to store wheel chair foot rests.

Kaye also managed to make a number of quilts for renal patients at hospitals. They include a handle and an attached pocket for the patient’s feet and for the quilt to be folded into! Click here for a pattern.

Leonie showed two delightful quilts she had quilted. The first was a hexagon-themed quilt made by a lady from her church group and the second quilt was a double wedding-ring quilt that contained beautifully quilted motifs between the rings.  

Faye showed a number of sweet quilt tops she had quilted and finished. They were donated by Maleny Patchwork Magic.

Faye also showed an adorable wheel chair quilt that any dog-lover would be happy to own!

Lyn showed a quaint red and white quilt with embroidered hearts.

Lyn also showed these two botanical beauties she had made.

Glorianne showed a number of colourful and scrappy quilt tops she had quilted and completed for other members and supporters.
The first two were made by a lady from Woodford.

Glorianne also showed two quilts she had made. The first quilt was an attempt to use some of the many floral fabrics that are donated. It is called ‘Candy Crayons’. The second quilt was a freebie pattern from the internet called ‘Bloom’.

Anne had been trying out the quilt-as you go technique and attempting to use up smaller pieces of wadding with these two colourful quilts.

Show and Tell concluded with the draw of the lucky door prizes. One of our new members was first to receive a prize. Sunshine Linus president Susan had made a number of gorgeous, heart-shaped and scented pomanders for prizes.

Following Show and Tell, Kaye ran a short but very informative workshop called ‘Precise Piecing and Cutting’.

Some of her tips included:
  • Always use the same ruler and mat when cutting out a quilt.
  • Keep an eye on the thread count of the fabrics you use. They can differ greatly and cause difficulty when trying to align the pieces to sew.
  • Use a walking foot or raise the upper feed-dogs on your sewing machine if possible. This helps both layers of fabric to feed evenly.
  • When joining rows together Kaye doesn’t press her seams before she sews as it can cause ridges on the right side of the fabric. Instead she flips one seam away from her and one toward her as she sews. The seams should nestle together when you do this.
  • When joining triangles take care with the bias to prevent the fabric stretching.
  • When joining half square triangles just sew a few stitches in a longer stitch length from the end then remove the blocks and check that the seams align on the right side. If so, go back and sew the whole seam in a regular stitch length. If not, unpick and try again!
  • When you have many seams coming together at a point iron them firmly flat on the wrong side.

Look at those points!

  • There will be no activity day in March as previously scheduled.
  • Susan will sending out a reminder regarding the tagging and testing of sewing machines and overlockers at next month's meeting.
  • The AGM will be held during the meeting on March 30th.
  • If you click here, you will find the links to the new pages on the blog that describe the Structure of Sunshine Linus Inc, the Team Leaders, Rosters and Cleaning Tasks.