Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Merry Month of May

We had about 40 ladies in attendance on Monday, and it took us yonks to get through show and tell!  So much stuff!
But first I have to apologise because many of the photos I took were excruciatingly bad and had to be scrapped; there's still a few good ones though.
First up was Orrawin, whose specialty is taking smallish unfinished items and turning them into fabulous quilts.  She did a great job on a bow tie one, but sorry, no usable photo.  Orrawin also showed us this quilt/cape she made for her husband, who is big and tall and has much longer arms than our model, Lorraine.
Next is Kay's lovely spiderweb quilt.
Joan has been knitting dolls for over 10 years and has now made over a thousand!
They are all so special - and from all walks of life.  I think I see Harpo Marx there.
Joan also crocheted some of these rugs; I wonder what she does in her spare time?
Olwyn made a bright star quilt.
Margaret Brown sent us this pink flimsy, which a kind person has taken home to complete.
...and one from Glenda Halpin.  O!

Judy M made many kiddies carry bags, some of which she has filled with small items; colouring books, pencils, perhaps a small toy and toothbrush or pyjamas.  These little bags are given to children who are going into care and sometimes have to wait for several hours while everything is being organised.  The bags help to keep them occupied in the meantime.
I missed who made this quilt - a quickie but a goodie!
And also these two delightful baby panels
A bright star quilt with appliqued and embroidered birds made by Judy and Bev
And a fabulous starry quilt from Margaret S.

I love this strippy quilt as you go from Ann M.

Sharyn has sent us many, many unfinished quilt tops.  Here are a few of them after quilting, along with the orange one from Carol Beavis.  Thanks, girls.

An enormous amount of our product comes from people that we never meet, and sometimes we don't even know the names of donors, but we're always thankful to be able to pass on their items.
One such group is the Emu Park Crafty Chicks, who have mailed many unfinished quilt tops.  Below is one with beautiful hand embroidered blocks that has recently been finished.
Thank you, Chicks.
Some of the items that we make are more useful than beautiful.
This little vest has hidden pockets for small weighted bags, and they are used in classrooms in special schools.  The vests help to calm the children and keep them focussed on their lessons.  Lorraine has made heaps of them in various sizes and they are in high demand.
Check out what we distributed this month here.
Thank you so much to John Hay, who gave us a donation after receiving a touchy feely apron for his wife Beverley, who is suffering dementia.  Beverley has been much less agitated since receiving the apron.
Heaps and heaps of diverse items are being stockpiled for sale at our Open Day on August 31st.  We're hoping to raise lots of funds to purchase wadding and other essentials to continue our giving, and we're looking forward to seeing you all there.
In the meantime, keep sewing and we'll catch you next month.................

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thankyou from Judie B

Hello one and all. 
It’s the International Week of the Volunteer and what better reason for sending you a very big THANK YOU to every single volunteer for Sunshine Linus.  We’ve been in operation for three years and have achieved the most amazing amount of support for the Sunshine Coast community and beyond.  It is only with your generous gift of time and resources that we’ve been able to help those in need and in so many different ways. 

If you’ve not yet done so, have a look at what we’ve donated since our beginning in 2010. Click on the following link:
We don’t have an actual figure of members for Sunshine Linus because a great deal of our volunteers work away on their own, in their own homes and arrange for their creations to be distributed by Sunshine Linus.  We don’t see your faces and in some cases know your names, but we truly appreciate the wonderful flow of donations for our community.


To each and everyone of you, I offer my most humble THANKS for everything that you do for Sunshine Linus.  Your generosity and community spirit is what makes the operation of Sunshine Linus such a success.  Please pass this message on where possible, to those who you know don’t receive our emails or are on our email list. 

 Looking forward to seeing those who can attend our next monthly meeting on Monday 27th May.

 Cheerio for now
Judie Bellingham

President Sunshine Linus Inc.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April meeting

I always seem to start off saying "Another busy day", but I can't help it because it's true!  Lots of ladies, buzzing about; creating, sorting, packing, and sharing skills.  It's so uplifting to be part of a group that's working together and filling a need in the community.  And we're fulfilling a need in ourselves at the same time, and that's important too.
So what happened.
Ann's friend, Lorraine, who lives far away in South Australia sent some baby knits by mail.
Lorraine has been knitting for us forever, and just in the last year has sent 107 baby jumpers and cardigans.  Talk about flying fingers!  Thanks, Lorraine.
Jan K has been on holidays, fishing I believe, but she found time to embroider these sweet little motifs, and put them into memory blankets when she got home.
So pretty!
Claire found some white lace in our supplies and was inspired to make this little lovely.
And Nicky demonstrated how to make a shaggy quilt like these.
So effective, and they're so warm and cuddly!  Thanks for sharing, Nicky.
Leone always brings in such a haul of product that we think she must sew 23 hours a day!
Amongst it this time were these Xray bags.  The radiology and oncology departments love these for their patients so they don't have to juggle cumbersome Xrays.
Of course, in amongst all this loveliness our main focus is quilts; and below is a selection from this month.  I apologise that I do not always remember who made what.
This strippy might look a bit plain, but the other side is pink plush that a little girl is going to fall in love with!
I Spy squares and corduroy, what a great combination.
And tartan for a big boy.
Tweet tweet - too sweet.
A scrappy delight, with a very striking border.
And lastly, woven pink hearts.  Yes, that is not check fabric in the hearts, its woven strips!
Our next meeting will be on May 27th, and we'll be working on preparations for our Open day on August 31st (which is going to sneak up on us real fast!