Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 meeting

Yesterday Show and Tell started with two quilts that were made and donated by a lady who walked into the hall with a pile of quilts and said "please give these to someone".  Finding a home for bright and cheerful quilts is never hard!

Show and Tell is a great way for new members to see the variety of items that we make.  Yvonne made these tapestries into colourful wall hangings by adding fabric borders.

Here are some of the quilts that our members have been busy making...

Leone's floral squares

Cathy created a quilt from machine embroideries

Denise's puzzle

A good use of scraps

new member Bridget followed the Drunkard's Path

Leonie's version of a Drunkard's Path
Leonie also quilted all these squares

Leonie's sister made this one

Sometimes quilts pass through many hands, sewing machines and quilting machines.  Judie B designed a random pattern to highlight these African fabrics.  Kaye N then quilted it on Leonie's long arm quilting machine.  This quilt is big - so big it wraps over a king size bed!  Great team effort ladies!

We make far more than quilts.  Joann made lots of playful shorts.

Joan loves knitting.  The photo doesn't really show that all the flowers on this rug are three dimensional.

some of Joan's box of soft toys

a touchy feely quilt

Earlier in March, Kaye N and Sharon ran a workshop for interest members. Kaye guided people through making this pattern and Sharon demonstrated binding quilts using a sewing machine. Here are three quilts that resulted from that workshop.  They might be the same pattern but the looks are quite different!

Barbara made white stars by leaving out the sashing

Lyn added the sashing

the black stars stand out here

During the month we had a few special requests.  These wallets have pockets for storing toy cars. They are being used by a boy with ASD to store his cars at school.  He can only play with the cars when he has finished his class work then they are driven into the pockets and folded away during the next lesson.

Below is a touchy feely cushion.  It will provide lots of distractions for a dementia patient.

Our next meeting is Monday 27 April.  Until then, happy sewing, knitting, creating ...