Tuesday, January 31, 2017

30 January 2017

Two months since our last distribution day and several members were happy to once again have a space in their garage, hallway or sewing room, even if just for the few small hours between delivering a stash of quilts and other products to the January meeting and leaving a few short hours later with almost as much fabric to process.
Many quilts were produced and sorted into large, small, male, female and stacked ready to distribution - the recipients of these can be seen on the "What we make and where it goes"post on the right of the blog.
Scraps, stars, hexagons, half square triangle, paper pieced, applique- they were all there.
We welcomed several new members and Lorraine Smith as a guest from Samford Quilters who brought many quilts for our work in the community.

The premmie baby group collected packaged kits for Nambour and other hospitals such as these made by Jan K.
 The knitted goods were fewer in number this month but will certainly become more in demand in coming months.

There is a never ending demand for touchy feely products such as the apron made by Rosemary below which has different textured products sewn into the bottom band. Dossie's crocheted animals, cup and saucer, pineapple and other knick-knacks were available for touchy feely makers to add to their goods. Dossie, a senior citizen,and a friend of Linus, had also crocheted 7 capes.

It was with pleasure that members embraced Past President Judie B who  brought several paper pieced squares and two quilts that had been sent from our Chinchilla friend and quilted by Judie.

Scrappy quilts came from Orrawin, from Samford quilters, from Dorothy and from Sue.

Stars featured in some Samford quilts   

and half square triangle were popular with Lee, Sue and Jan B

Other small pieces became hexagons at the hands of Glorianne and Ann

Leonie presented a large appliqued quilt made with the cooperation of Mapleton Quilters
while Anne has again made a delicate applique quilt.
Small quilts and a wheelchair quilt by Jan B and Annie R contrasted with bright quilts for children
 made by Lyn P and Samford Quilters.

 Lee McRae's train quilt fulfilled a special order for a boy in Woombye.
Several quilts using darker colours suitable
 for males were produced by Denise H (from Rosemary's brick pieces- check and see if you can find fabric double-ups in these 90 pieces and consider the time to produce a kit such as this for the freebie table),

 and Lee's black stars,
a brown theme by Jan,
rich African  motifs by Dorothy,
plus  the whirling triangles of Annie R,

Whether simple pieced squares or sophisticated art deco ladies by Dorothy, this blog gives you an insight into the starry nights beyond the window boxes of these last Samford quilts (thanks to Lorraine S) and indicates the numbers of night hours members spend at the machine.

Our next meeting will be on
Monday 27 February.