Monday, May 9, 2011

April meeting moves forward a couple of weeks.

I do hope you all had a very restful and enjoyable Easter.  We did miss those who could not make it.

Judie bought some quilts for distribution.

Cheryl told the group about a lady who lives in America by the name of Temple Grandin, a lady who has Autism she also has Phd's in Animal husbandry found some types of animals displayed similar behaviours of that of children with Autism.
Needless to say the "weighted blankets" are greatly needed.
I counted 9 weighted blankets completed ready to be given to the appropriate children / adults who will benefit from them.
You might like to look up her website I have listed. I am sure you will understand a little more about Autism. I have done studies about this lady and found her to be inspirational, yet she has many of the Autism traits. Enjoy!

Bev taught Jill how to make the weighted blanket, Well Done and thank you, Bev

Chris Potter who represents The Foster Children of the Sunshine/Gympie districts has a group known as "GIFT"  accepted 44 zipper bags made by the Sunshine Linus ladies for their EASTER APPEAL.
With toiletries added the girls and boys will be grateful to receive them.
Here are just a few of them ready to be added with the others.

While Chris was there on the 18th Linus S.C set a target to aim for.
The number of quilts targeted for donation has been set at 100 for the year. A good  size is 40" x 60"
Theme quilts are great and brightly coloured quilts are also well received.
Kate , Janice & Lorraine had some finished Touchy Feely Quilts for Visually impaired and Alzheimer's suffers.
They are very touchy and feely.

Thelma bought some things Liz Kerr gave her. All items are greatly received.Thelma achieved her 1st quilt for Linus.  By the way Thelma has made hundreds of quilt bindings which is certainly a big effort.

Lifeline are keen to take any fabrics that we cannot use after many culling sessions. They use any donations.

Coolum quilters are having a show at the Baptist Church, David Low Way sometime in May. 14th May was mentioned but someone could let me know I will add a blog message.

At the last gathering we had ready for distribution:
47 X Ray bags
  3 Touchy Feely quilts
 29 Blankets of Love
   9 Weighted blankets
 21 Girls quilts
 14 boys quilts

That is a wonderful effort from all the ladies from Sunshine Coast Linus

Our next gathering will be on at Nambour Uniting church on 30th May at 9.30

Hope you all had a pleasant Mother's Day.

Til next meeting I wish you happy days of quilting.
BFN  Lorraine H