Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greetings all,

Our first gathering 27th September,at the new venue was a great hit on Monday. In case you have missed where it is. It is  at the Uniting Church Hall at Nambour. Entrance is via Donaldson Street, (not Donaldson's Dairy of Hairy Clarey fame)
Darren King the Minister of the church has allowed us the use of the hall. We are so lucky because the hall is really big has lots of tables chairs and the kitchen facilities are A1.

This is a view from the stage. The hall is so big for us to work in.

Again many quilts have been completed, donated and are ready for giving to the appropriate children / people.

A family have been given a quilt each as the new young mum delivered twins and during the process had a massive stroke.So the mum, new born twins, older siblings and the Grandmother who now has the massive job of looking after the family have a new quilt each.  We all need to keep that family in our thoughts however we do at  the time.

*At the start of the gathering Judie bought us up to where things are. A friend of Judy donated $200 which is amazing.
*Yvonne had the cords all tested and repaired and now have the correct testing done.
*We have another roll of batting to be used (it does cost heaps to buy)
*Sue went to Brian's fabrics and bought a bolt of black homespun. Brian gave Sue a discount on the cost.
*We  need a tall cupboard that we can keep our usable items for each month eg scissors (more needed) rotary cutters tape measures and all the usual quilting needs that can be used each month can be locked away and stored.

*Some pre- war linen has been donated some is still in its original packing. Lorraine I will try and suss how out how much we could sell it for on EBay. The starting price etc needs to be checked out too. It is very good quality and I would love to buy some.
*Sharon bought in a humidicrib cover which allows the crib to be in darkness for the baby and the outside can be any colour, brights do look good. I think *Cris is going to make a copy for us to us.
*A little quilt Judie bought in is a small quilt the Vision Australia has lent to Judie for us to look at and get ideas for making. It is a "Touchy, Feely quilt" in lots of colours and fabrics many different feeling an touching, providing for the many senses that sight impaired babies need for stimulation.
* Lee made a lovely quilt with hand stitched stars and hearts on.
* Lots of little premmie/stillborn quilts not sure who made them sorry.
* I have added Patchwork Angel as a link because Penny helped us out to start.
* On Monday we had 2 little junior quilters. Sienna and Matahra came with me to help. A big thank you to Mattie for taking all the photos and Sienna who worked on cutting the little tails of the bindings. They are always there to look after me Thanks girls.

This as a quilt as you go method of making a quilt.

There was a little group of ladies sewing on labels to completed quilts.

* Judie spent time showing us how to make weighted quilts for Autistic children. By the end of the day there was another weighted quilt finished and ready to go.
Oops Judie, Demonstrating the weighted quilts process.

Our next meeting will be on the last Monday of the month, 25th October 2010

Until next month, Happy stitching,
BFN,  Lorraine Hartley

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Greetings ladies,

I think I have it together.
Here are some photos of the last gathering at Penny's Patchwork Angel.

Judie  with a weighted blanket for an Autistic person.

Not too sure of who made the quilts. Maybe in the comments column you could let me know.

 Thelma and SueJudie talking about the tub sizeSorry, not sure of name.

Look at all the quilts piled high.More quilts piled high.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our 4th gathering has been held with many ladies from lots of surrounding areas coming to share what has been acheived over the past month. Approximatley 65 items were completed ready for distribution.

There were many quilts made for toddlers, young boys and girls, teenage boys and girls, some  premmie beanies, a new item of breast pump bags, some stillborn baby wraps, and some weighted quilts for Autistic children. Some of the quilts have had up to 9 ladies work to make the quilts complete.

Now some BIG NEWS........ We have a permanent home where we can store all the plastic fabric boxes and have our monthly gatherings .
It is at NAMBOUR UNITING CHURCH. It is at 37 Coronation Avenue Nambour 4560 Qld.It is opposite Nambour Primary school. Acess to church parking is via Donaldson Road, (behind Bob Jane T maart)

Our meetings will on the last Monday of the month. being the 27th September 2010 9.30am - 3.30pm

At the first meeting there we would like to have a  chat about we go from here, everyone is welcome  to put any ideas.

Importantly we must all say hip, hip, hooray for Penny at Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen, a very big thank you for making your shop available to us in getting Sunshine Linus Group to develop from an idea to a great group of great ladies. THANK YOU PENNY......

'Til next post I wish you happy quilting

BFN  Lorraine H