Friday, December 4, 2015

30 November, 2015 meeting

At today's AGM we welcomed our new President, Kaye Nightingale and the new Committee. Show and Tell followed....

Orrawin using lots of scraps for a colourful result

Orrawin uses muted pinks

Disappearing hourglass

Sixteen patches make a colourful design

Jellyroll garden quilt by Lyn P
Barbara M has been busy this month. Here are 5 of many quilts she made.

Hungry Caterpillar

Clever use of bias

Quilt tops prepared by the ladies of Emu Park, quilted in Samford, and ready for distribution by Sunshine Linus

Cynthia's experimental abstract
Jan B's pink girls above and I Spy below

Embroidered squares transformed into a purple quilt by Jan

Long arm quilting by Edith

From a skirt to a quilt by Kaye N

Extending the sides with applique by Kaye N

Reversible Sashiko by Kaye N

Birds and flowers by Kaye N

Hexagon flowers

Velcro activity mat by Claire T for Ablecare

Touchy Feely cushion cover for an autistic child

Sunshine Linus have  Memorandum of Understanding with the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. We were nominated for our work with the Hospital in reusing and recycling hospital waste (Kymguard). Kymguard is a man made fabric which is used for protecting equipment when being sterilised. The fabric can be sewn, doesn’t fray and has a decent amount of strength, thus making it a useful fabric to use for some of the items we make at Sunshine Linus.
In our partnership with the hospital, we designed and made operating theatre gowns for operating theatres in third world countries and are currently making medicine carry bags for patients who are discharged from the hospital.
Below is the Award presented by the Hospital CEO at today's meeting.

Hope to see you all at our next meeting on 25 January, 2016.

Monday, October 26, 2015

26 October, 2015 meeting

There must have been about 80 hard working ladies at the Nambour Uniting Church this morning for the monthly Sunshine Linus meeting.  Lots of quilts and other items of comfort were displayed during Show and Tell and then distributed.

I'm obviously getting used to my new phone and camera. The standard of sewing is great unlike some of the photos. A few quilt photos didn't even make it to the blog!  It will be better next month.

Hard to see the detailed embroidery here

from Edith's cutting Orrawin creates a quilt - great team work!

Denise made good use of these bits and pieces

an English themed boy's quilt

Denise adding colour to autumn leaves
Leonie is one of a number of members who are long arm quilters.  Here are a number of quilts pieced by other people that she has been busy quilting in the past month.

Barbara's first quilt - quilted by Leonie

a busy house quilt

Joy's brick quilt

pieced in Townsville - finished on the Sunshine Coast by Claire B

Leonie liked quilting this playful cat quilt

Leone and Bonnie were asked to make a touchy feely as a book.  The pages are laced together with shoe laces and can be flicked through like a magazine.

You never know what you will find on the freebie table.  Helen took these modern technology squares and turned them into a quilt.

Annie added lots of hand embroidery to this quilt 

sorry about the photo Claire B - a cancer charity quilt 

Rosemary's touchy feely for a visually impaired boy

a fishy wall quilt made by Yvonne and
finished by Claire

Some of the bagful of tiny premmie hats donated by Chris. Thanks for thinking of given then to Sunshine Linus.

weighted snakes

part of the 3.5m square sensory floor mat for Ablecare

Velcro hands and feet for Ablecare's sensory wall

During the month the second version of Wonky Donkey was delivered to a local special school.  I hope the children are enjoying it and the weighted dog!

Our next meeting is on Monday 30 November 2015.  A reminder to members that this is also the AGM.