Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

Once again the membership of Sunshine Linus grew and our venue was groaning with the numbers of enthusiastic quilters. 
The centre table held a variety of small goods including rice filled fiddle bags,

 Sue’s “feeling faces” which can be attached to a wall hanging by velcro,

 and Big Blocks to cuddle up to by Dawn.

This month Claire (4) interpreted the book Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, 
 there was a small quilt featured baby pieces, a wheelchair quilt by Rosemary and a full sized touchy feely quilt
 utilising a paper-pieced centre motif from Jan at Chinchilla

Lee dropped in some marble bags 

 and President Kaye explained the twiddle muffs produce by Melva. (More ideas at activitiestoshare.co.uk and a crochet pattern is available from Ravelry.com).

Show and tell allowed those present to see and hear about a variety of quilts. Leonie has been busy helping Kaye catch up with quilting and some of these quilts are shown below:
pretty triangles from varying strips,

 squares made by Dorothy
 stack and whack,

stripes used to effect,

and focus blocks in the centre of a quilt, all of which challenge our imagination.

There is an ongoing need for male quilts such as these two below: 
A sombre star motif

 and more exciting tiger blocks made by Dorothy to delight a small boy.

 Some are specially for girls such as the penguin motif by Jan 
 and Anne's butterfly garden.

Denise presented 3 scrap quilts 
while Bev Y returned two pieces seen previously - the cool green lattice and the icy scenes welcomed on such a hot February day.

All in all a sparkling meeting, as typified by Jenny's bright crocheted ball.

As autumn approaches, the types of goods needed will change slightly, so members are urged to consult the Links to see the best focus for their efforts in the coming month.

 Next meeting will be on Monday 27 March from 9.30am.