Monday, April 11, 2016

April 2016

Once again, our products demonstrated the wide-ranging abilities of Sunshine Linus members and of those who donate to us. Members of the committee are tireless in their efforts and in setting an example. Despite recent surgery, Cynthia found time to produce this small quilt from donated hexagon squares.

Special orders are often handled by Claire T and Judie B and this month was no exception with the Noughts and Crosses velcro wall hanging game,
 the adorable weighted green pooch,
 the weighted octopus,
a classy chook,
 plus as sensory brick mat.

Rosemary displayed a variety of attachments that members could make for use on the touchy-feely aprons and rugs for which we have constant demand. 
 Soft toys made by Dorothy from airline socks were a novelty.
Rosemary has been busy again preparing kits for brick quilts, an interesting variation of which was produced by Ann.
 Scrappy quilts were popular this month , demonstrating how creative members
are in using small pieces of fabric. Dorothy produced several small quilts including some with curved corners on the binding while Orrawin combined greens and blues to challenge which was the "right"side.

We are fortunate to have several skilled long arm quilters including Edith and Kaye who combined in this elegant pink quilt. Edith also quilted the appliqued floral quilt below.

 Francis W supplied several quilts today, including the colourful clouds design and the autumn leaves.

Glorianna made good use of small squares while Vicki has made a colourful strip quilt and some duck squares suitable for wheelchair lap quilts.

A star  block quilt  made by Christine of Beerwah, some foundation pieced animal blocks from our Chinchilla supporter and a large colourful quilt from Bribie Island Quilters are indicative of the donations Sunshine Linus receives each month.

The Southern Cross design from Liz K refreshed interest in the project which sends quilts to Australian servicemen and women overseas.

Dorothy's chequered flag reminds members that we are always at the beginning of a new venture with Sunshine Linus.

The next meeting will be on Monday 30th May.

 Members should check their next Link Newsletter for information about activities
 before 30th May.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016

This being a leap year and the month of February, it is fitting that we start with two quilts built around a heart motif

As always, there were many Quilts based on classic designs: a bright 4 patch,

 Leonie's clam shell

 and Baltimore style applique,

Orrawin's strip blocks and cool mint green quilt below.

Quilts for boys and men are always needed and Lee's small boys space dreams and Joanne's tools quilt fit the bill.

African animals in yellows and greens provide a great theme while stars adorning a men's quilt made by Bev and an interesting sampler quilt met some of that need. Requests for men's and boy's quilts are constant.


Two girl's quilts were presented- Sun Bonnet Sue made by Orrawin and an I Spy quilt full of interesting detail to engage and educate the young child.

Recently, Sunshine Linus has received many embroidered squares, both hand embroidered and machine embroidered, which have been used to great effect. 
Evelyn's pussy cats are eye catching while the hand stitched embroidered houses have been used by Kaye with assistance from Mountain Quilters

The machine embroidered motifs in this nine-patch combination have been assembled by Kaye.

The following quilts were donated by Moyra whose daughter assisted with the embroidery.

As always, our quilt making is supplemented by a variety of other goods.

A crochet cape looks comfortable for a less mobile person with autumn approaching while, below, bereavement pouches are intended for the maternity ward of the local hospital.

 Toys, Xray bags and small articles aplenty grace the distribution table.

 The jiggle glove is a new item intended for patients with dementia.

Some members display "touchy  feely" items - rugs and an apron also for dementia patients provided by Rosemary.

Claire has once again been creative with Spot and the sausage dog destined for the Currimundi Special school and her latest book quilt, based on The Rainbow Fish.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, 11th April as the last Monday in March is Easter Monday. All are welcome.