Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 2016

Despite our meeting being in school holidays, some 80 members attended this week's meeting. This photo shows the piles of quilts and other goods accumulating on the centre tables before the meeting.
Show and tell revealed a variety of paper pieced panels, all sent to us by our good friend Jan from Chinchilla whose parcels arrive regularly throughout the year.

 The zebra, bees and their hive, the truck and the space shuttle have passed to the capable hands of Orrawin to work her magic. The two panels of houses below will delight any small  child and we look forward to their transformation into small quilts for children.

Claire's story book for September is Big Brown Bear and each of the panels can be removed by their velcro fastenings.
 as can the leaves on this sensory wall quilt.
Carolyn has collaborated with Claire to produce two colourful "touchy feely" bean bags for special needs children at Able Care,
and Carolyn also took up the challenge to create a crochet pattern for these bottle bags. Carolyn's patterns were claimed quickly and those who took a pattern home are asked to bring back at least 2 copies next month for sharing with those who missed out yesterday.

Fabric continues to be donated by the large bag full and enterprising members turn "scraps"into wonderful quilts. Witness the following:

Above: Front and back of a quilt for Aboriginal clients made by Barbara 
Below: A brick quilt made by Helen

Interesting effect from diagonal arrangement of large squares by Dorothy who also took lots of care in creating the Tulip design and pink hearts quilts.

 Orrawin calls the back of this quilt the kitchen sink pattern but, when compared with the strippy front, it is hard to decided which is the most attractive.

 Orrawin admitted that she had raided the bindings box to find all the possible blue strips for these blue stars.
Rosanna contributed a trio of sensory quilt tops with a close up of one illustrating the many hours of work that have gone into the detail on each of these.

Lorraine displays an overnight bag made to a new pattern supplied by President Kaye last month. These will go to women in refuges who arrive with nowhere to store their meagre possessions.  Lorraine has cleverly used a Japanese panel print for the bag which Kaye assures us can be 
constructed in just one hour.
Using recent personal experience with nursing homes, Elaine explains her activity balls made of stretch fabric to President Kaye.
 Denise displays Claire's weighted big hound and green dog destined for autistic children.

The Premmie Baby group proudly displayed the elegant Miss Rabbit and a group of beautifully dressed dolls made from donated faces by Judith. These will be destined for a special cause.

 While there are many other items brought to the table by unsung heroes, this month's blog details an inspiring record of the talent and dedication of our members.

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 2016

First report this month is from the mid-month workshop. Approximately 15 members attended and practiced their quilting using walking feet and free motion on a number of small quilts.

Karen and Sue show great concentration.
Meanwhile Thelma was busy ironing quilt labels, hundreds of quilt labels.

Today's meeting saw the fruits of the groups' labour with several small quilts returned for distribution.
Carolyn displays her rainbow quilt with applique motifs while Lyn and Maureen each returned with a trio of quilts.

The group was visited on that day by Linda and Dawn with a great supply of  "touchy feely" squares which are incorporated into quilts and aprons such as has been made by Linda below.

Today, the team who handle the distribution of goods for premmie babies received several beautifully made dolls, one accompanied by a miniature quilt.

The centre table was, as usual, overloaded with various goods including many pairs of bright knitted children's slippers, breast cancer cushions, drainage bags, beanies, a touchy feely mini cushion, 
 bibs for nursing homes.

and dozens of quilts that appear anonymously such as these whirling designs.

Sunshine Linus is indebted to the ladies from Bribie Island who delivered 5 huge bags of quilts , some of which kept our binding stitchers busy all morning.

Two impressive bags made for distribution to women who are seeking shelter and have nowhere to store their meagre belongings were coveted by many who were present.

Each month President Kaye quilts many quilts as well as making a variety of other goods for special needs. This month Kaye showed a noughts and crosses kit made in an embroidery frame using colourful buttons as tokens, some hexagon balls, a quick quilt of overlocked fleece, and use of squares of different sizes in an interesting design.

It is often difficult to establish who made the colourful quilt tops that Kaye so ably quilts but below are a few that members saw today, all produced from scraps of donated fabric.

Orrawin is a regular contributor and today she showed two animal quilts made with motifs that have been donated by a friend of Linus who lives in Chinchilla and regularly sends goods to the Coast.

This square within a square quilt above also originates with Orrawin.

Margaret volunteered last month to assemble a huge bag of donated Suffolk Puffs to this result.

However, there were still enough puffs for a second member to try their hand and so we look forward to seeing the next version.

See also the detail from a quilt by Rosemary's sister,

tumbling blocks by Margaret O

and Gloriana's brick quilt

Annie showed how she had used half-square triangles in three different sizes and effects.

Claire entertained us with her creative take on the classic Possum Magic above and also brought along a sensory foot quilt and a sensory brick quilt made to meet special requests.

Anne's delightful children's quilts each followed a particular theme:
animals,vehicles, a train and a scrappy version.

Was that all? Not at all. 
The contents of those 5 bags from Bribie Island yielded delights as seen below.

Members were challenged to leave with at least 2kgs of fabric each.
To end this month's blog, one of our members has mislaid the pattern for the following quilt. If anyone picked it up from the freebies table, could you please contact us?  It is a stunning design and the member's family would all like one now.

Next meeting is Monday, 26 September.