Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015 meeting

The start of a new sewing year and we had our new Sunshine Linus banner smiling out across the hall. Thanks Claire B and Jenny B for all the hard work.

There was lots of creativity on the distribution table.  I don't think our members took much time off over Christmas.  They must all love sewing, patchwork, quilting, knitting, crocheting and craft as much as I do.  Here are some photos of the wonderful items made for our community.

The Jenny B cutting and Claire B quilting team produced these colourful quilts.

Judie showing Esther's hard work

Claire T using curtain samples

"Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" book quilt

"We're going on a bear hunt" book quilt

Anne adding some brightness

Anne solved the Sudoku using patchwork squares

Anne going dotty

very neat purple squares

Yvonne's friend must like cats

Jo used lots of black and white fabrics with splashes of colour to create these three beautiful quilts.

simple squares put to good use

Barb made lots of kids clothes

one of Lyn's I spy quilts - can you find the elephants?

from lap quilt to wheelchair quilt using 2 strips of velcro

Dagma's pretty knitted and crocheted rug

one of Rosemary's touchy feely aprons

It is interesting to see quilts made by several people.  Here we see how Norma took 9 donated machine embroidery squares and made them into a quilt.

Joy's stripy wonder

Lee used up lots of 1 1/2 inch strips

I must try sewing curves

Pink or black? Kaye N made these two quilts in the same design using lots of strips.

If you would like to help children in overseas hospitals then consider making some of these theatre wraps.  Moira has done the cutting and has kits ready to make up.

At Sunshine Linus we thrive on donations.  We don't just use donated fabric.  Some people like to make quilt tops or backs and leave us to put them together.  This time we were given a large quilt that the maker wasn't happy with.  Denise converted it into four of these colourful quilts.

Margaret was asked to make a touchy feely quilt and apron for a young boy who can't hold things.  He will have fun brushing his hands over the objects trying to find the things that make a noise.

lots of colour in this creation

At today's meeting we had four distribution teams at work rather than one.  Well done to our team leaders Barbara, Chris, Sharon and Yvonne - mission accomplished - the distribution table is empty!

Hope to see you at our next meeting on Monday 23 February.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014 Christmas lunch

Yesterday was all about enjoying each others company over Christmas lunch.  Only a little bit of work was done.

Thanks Nicky for the great Christmas cake

Some of the many cans of food donated to local needy people.

We never let the chance go by to pass on our creations.  These are some of the quilts given to us by the Courallie Quilters from Moree.  We also received some lovely crocheted rugs from Rita who also lives out Moree way. Thanks Ladies!

Recently we were asked to try making some touchy feely cushion covers.  We look forward to seeing how these cushions help their recipients.

Claire's touchy feely cushion for Wesley Home Care

Judie's touchy feely quilt for Eunice

As Christmas is rapidly approaching it seems appropriate to finish the year with these cheerful Christmas teddies.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you at our first meeting of 2015 on January 19 (not the 26th as that is Australia Day).

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014 meeting

Last month Jenny found a "Mr Sunshine" pattern that she thought her Mum would be interested in. One month later Claire B brought in this sunny quilt top.  Next time we see the top it will have become a Sunshine Linus wall hanging.

Claire B's ray of sunshine

You never know what show and tell will bring.  It is always interesting to see the variety of quilt designs and uses of colour.  I also like to see how non-quilting fabrics are used.  Lots of non-quilting fabrics are used in touchy feely quilts and aprons but picture quilts are my favourite.  Here you can use just about anything.

Look at the detail Karen has put into this clothes line and the angel hiding under the cloud.  Bet you can't wait to read on to see the whole picture!

Karen's fabulous kid's Toogoolawah touchy feely wall quilt

just part of a 2.5m x 2.5m groundsheet quilt

Christmas bags

Christmas bags full of toys for needy families
Last month we were asked to think about making children's quilts for the next Special School in our region.  The result was some very colourful and creative pieces.

Pip's owls

Kim's owls

The Sewing Basket made and donated this large eye catching quilt

one of four kids quilts made by Denise

two of the Mooloolah Quilt & Craft Groups quilt donations

Orawin using up the scraps

Orawin making more scraps into columns

Claire B putting her best foot forward!

Rosemary modelling one of many touchy
feely aprons she made this month

Margaret is also making touchy feely aprons

A little girl will love to play with Sue's touchy feely

Jan and Carolyn are looking for people to help make simple hospital gowns from light weight fabric that has been donated to Sunshine Linus.  You don't need to be a dressmaker - 2 shoulder seams, 2 zigzag edges down the back, biased binding neck and attach some ties.

There is no meeting at the end of December, instead we will be having our Christmas lunch on Monday 8th of December.  Hope to see you there.