Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Action Day: April 16th 2018

Our 'Strippy' Action Day this month saw 33 ladies try their hand at making some strip-quilts using the many fabric strips Kaye had cut and provided for the occasion.

The session began with Kaye sharing some hints and techniques to create these 'strippy' master-pieces.

Barbara showed an assortment of amazing quilts where she had used strips of fabric and different techniques to create a variety of designs.

Once everyone had decided on their design the hum of sewing machines vibrated around the room.

Some of the ladies offered to sort and find strips for the quilters who set about sewing and cutting their blocks.

Thelma had a surprise find as she grabbed the opportunity to sort and tidy the storage cupboard.

The Action Day also gave members the opportunity to chat and laugh together, catch up with long-time friends or make some new ones.

At the end of the session the quilters had made a very good start on their strip-quilts and most of the strips Kaye had provided were now serving a much better purpose!

Some finished blocks by Chris, Dawn and Judith,

...and one funky, completed quilt-top made by Pauline.

Now we look forward to all of these wonderful strip quilts being finished and arriving at our monthly meeting! No pressure ladies!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March 26th 2018

Our third meeting for the year was a busy one with the AGM and introduction of the new committee members and our new President Sue Hoy.
Show and Tell began with Orrawin displaying an intricately pieced 'Pineapple Quilt' made from very small strips of fabric......her comment was, "it's not that difficult, you should try it!" A second offering from Orrawin was another quilt suitable for a man called 'Everything but the kitchen sink' in which she had incorporated a varied collection of fabrics and orphan blocks from the freebie table. Both quilts had pieced backings.

Lyn showed a fun children's quilt created from freebie blocks. She had ingeniously added a 'noughts and crosses' game to the back.

The Quirky Quilters from Caboolture provided a generous donation with a number of colourful pieced quilts.

Judie had fun perfecting her quilting skills by finishing a number of bright and modern quilts donated by Jan from Chinchilla....

and three more traditional strip quilts.

Anne and Glorianne have been busy creating some very cute applique quilts for children. Anne's quilts included a Japanese themed quilt using a pattern collected from the freebie table, and a bright 'Rockets and Aliens' quilt with a pieced backing made from wedge shapes. Glorianne showed a colourful quilt made with the quilt-as-you-go technique called 'Hound Dog'. It came complete with a friend in the form of a soft toy 'hound'.

Barbara showed a reversible aeroplane themed quilt suitable for a boy. She has pieced a number of jungle prints to create a bright, fun backing.

Dorothy has been extremely busy creating  a number of pieced children's quilts using both blocks and braid from the freebie table.

In her final quilt Dorothy used the pages from a cloth book called 'Can You Find?' She added borders that looked like headlights to create a fun vehicle themed quilt suitable for a boy.

Cynthia concluded the Show and Tell by displaying a very funky 'touchy-feely' cushion made and donated by Linda.

 We look forward to more wonderful contributions at our next meeting on Monday 30th April. Don't forget to add the Strippy Action Day on 16th April to your diaries!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

This month’s meeting saw 75 ladies brave the hot and sticky weather to attend the meeting. Once again they came armed with a range of delightful items and quilts to donate to the community on the Sunshine Coast.

Kaye opened the Show and Tell session with a selection of strippy quilts from last year’s Stack’s Day as examples of what can be made on Action Day, 16th April.

These included a strip-quilt with a floral border (using Kaye’s fast-piecing technique), a strippy nine patch with yellow sashing, and a black strip quilt with a strip-pieced border.

The Mountain Quilters donated a multi-coloured strip-quilt using black strips to create a brick effect.

Some pinwheel blocks were added to this quilt to create some interest among the strips.

Kaye reminded us that plastic shopping bags will soon become a thing of the past and so we should consider making some larger fabric bags to accommodate the items we bring to and from Linus on our meeting days. Kaye’s sister made this lovely black and gold bag that even had tabs so it could be hung on a shopping trolley!
Claire presented a colourful quilt made from a selection of sensory fabrics and two large touchy-feely cubes that would delight any child. Finds from the freebie table included two gorgeous sock puppet kits of a dog and monkey.

 Cynthia showed a collection of very cute, knitted teddies that one of our contributors, Dossie, had made and donated.

Annie has been very busy making a number of quilts these past months including a delightful nursery rhyme quilt from a panel she discovered on the freebie table, a bright quilt with hexagon blocks, a pretty pink and purple heart quilt, an effective brown and teal half square triangle quilt and a fun spotted quilt.

 Annie has also been experimenting with various shapes and light and dark fabrics to create a striking strip quilt, circles in a square quilt and a quilt with stars, squares and strips.

Brittany created a very visual and bright Hour Glass quilt.

Orrawin has been busy piecing very small pieces of fabric together to create a colourful Jacob’s Ladder quilt (suitable for a man) complete with a pieced backing. She explained to us the difficulty of quilting corduroy on this purple and black quillow complete with a pocket on the back to fold away.

 Rosemary used items from the freebie table to create a delightful touchy-feely book with a crocheted front cover.

 Rosemary also explained a quick method of making the blockenspieils.

Anne has been busy making a foundation-pieced quilt and perfecting the points on the blocks.

Glorianne presented a colourful pieced skate-board quilt suitable for a teenager.

A number of other beautifully pieced quilts have been made and donated.

Kaye concluded the Show and Tell with a Queen sized pastel-coloured quilt made from tiny squares with applique flowers. This quilt is to be raffled at the Sycamore School at Alexandra State High School in Rose Hill with funds raised being donated to children with Autism.

We look forward to more wonderful contributions at our next meeting on 26th March. Don’t forget to add the Strippy Action Day on 16th April to your diaries!