Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015 5th Birthday Meeting

Happy 5th Birthday to us!

When twenty ladies met five years ago and started Sunshine Linus, I'm sure they didn't envisage how the idea of making handcrafted items of support and comfort for people in our community would grow. The sixty people at yesterday's meeting came with loads of quilts, woollen and sewn clothing, various types of bags, sensory tools and other items. They all got to share our 5th Birthday cakes!

Orrawin started Show and Tell.  She collects (well is usually given) blocks and partially completed quilt tops and converts them into wonderful creations.  The appliqued flowers in this quilt will brighten any bed.

Here Orrawin has put lots of orphan blocks together to make the quilt top. The following photo is the back!

Do you see any blocks you have given Orrawin?

making spare fabric into the quilt back
Rosemary and Leone have been making touchy feely aprons.  These two made by Rosemary will distract dementia patients for hours.


Rosemary's batik quilt
We are often looking for quilts suitable for boys.  Jan B chose two popular boy's themes - dinosaurs and cowboys.

One of many lap quilts made by Jan

With winter upon us, warm clothing is needed.  Jo made lots of children's sweatshirts.

Jan's candy coloured quilt top

Maggie's heart quilt
It is hard to know how many people have contributed towards the goods that Sunshine Linus make and distribute.  People in other parts of Queensland often send quilt tops to us on the Sunshine Coast. Here is one of a large parcel of quilt tops we recently received from our friends in Emu Park. Thanks ladies for your gifts.

We are often asked to make particular items to meet the special needs of an individual. Margaret made several pinafore aprons with detachable sensory, noisy and grabbable items. They even come with a bag of extra attachments!

Claire made this single bed quilt from tactile fabrics. It has a fabric fringe so that the 19 year old boy can be comforted when going to bed. The hope is that he will be distracted by the quilt and not pull on the sheets and curtains.

The following communication wallets and communication boards will be used by people with poor communication skills. The client is given a series of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) cards which are attached to the wallet page or board using velcro. Just think of pictures to convey the message "I want" a drink, biscuit, sandwich or to ride my bike.

This cute fellow is a toy with a difference.  He is a weighted toy (1kg) that will be used to calm an autistic child.  I think the furry ears will also keep a child's hands busy.

Our next meeting is Monday 27 July.  See you then.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015 meeting

Yesterday we welcomed Kris from Inclusion Plus Family Support. She told us about the services her organisation provides to children and adults who have a disability and their families on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and the Redcliffe/Caboolture region. We hope the two bags of quilts and tactile items we donated are the start of a new link with disabled members of our community.

Several new members joined us yesterday. During Show and Tell they soon saw the wide variety of items we make and hopefully have gone home inspired to start creating. Welcome to you all.

The first three quilts are from Pat who only joined Sunshine Linus last month - and I haven't included photos of all the quilts she showed us!

one of several quilts with hearts

Good to see that Margaret is back sewing after several operations.

Glenda from Mountain Quilters donated this colourful quilt.

This bright quilt definitely shows the Sunshine Linus spirit of co-operation. Leone attended a workshop run by Kaye N and then got Nicky to do the quilting.

result is one bright quilt!

another team effort

Nicky also quilted this one

Nicky's quilt will be raffled for the Cancer Council's ABMT

2 of 20 bunny rugs made by Barbara from fabric donated by Mountain Quilters

Denise made a panel into a quilt

Liz's one day wave quilt

Liz's exploding quilt

Some quilts take a while to make, especially when you wonder how to finish one started by someone else.  This was only half a quilt when Orrawin was asked to finish it - 2 years ago!

Rosemary's noisy touchy feely child's apron

Kaye N brightening our world

The members of Sunshine Linus would not be able to make as many quilts as we do without donations of fabric.  Last month Annie from Caloundra donated two huge deliveries of quilting fabric.  Kaye N quickly snapped up this beautiful Japanese fabric and made two quilts.

Summer Palace

Stack it up

Denise H's first Sunshine Linus quilt top

and her second!
Claire's African safari tactile wall quilt

During May, president Judie met with Ablecare Foundation who offer disability (children and adults), aged care, therapy and education support. They asked us to try making some new items. The first was a weighted sensory scarf. The internal pockets will be filled with the appropriate weight of pellets to suit the client. The scarf will keep busy hands occupied while the weight calms the client.

These four weighty critters will be used to calm and ground autistic children.  The textured materials will also make these tools playful.

On Saturday 22 August we will be holding our second Open Day and Quilt Show.  Make sure you come along to see how we contribute to our community and be inspired by the amazing array of quilts.  At the same time you can enjoy a Devonshire Tea and explore the sales table for that one off gift for Father's Day, a relative, friend or even yourself.  I think that these two quilts made by Claire B will be quickly snapped up from the sales table.

Our next gathering day is on Monday 29th June but members don't forget the working bee on June 15 when you can help get ready for the open day or sort and cut donated fabric.