Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More 'Show and Tell'

Not everything that is made by the Sunshine Linus ladies gets shown during our ‘Show and Tell’ segment at the monthly meetings, so I thought it appropriate to include photos of a couple of these wonderful creations.
At the April meeting Claire was given a bag of felt perfect for making the weighted snake's eyes and some of the features of the touchy feely book.  These items are joining the bag of sensory products going to Currimundi Special School.


Susan has also been keeping herself busy creating these elegant toiletry bags made from furnishing fabric swatches and sample machine embroidery pieces. They are to be filled with goodies for those in need.

Linus ladies are the quintessential recyclers, recreating and 
re-purposing champions!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Items received and given.....

A very generous donation of a Happy Jack quilting system and sewing machine has been received by Sunshine Linus from Judy, a Sydney friend of Betty. Thank you Judy…the Happy Jack has already been offered a home.

One of the quilts quilted on the Happy Jack.

Sunshine Linus receives many ‘thank you’ letters each month for items donated. A lovely letter was recently received from Paisley, Tom and Luna who welcomed their baby daughter into the world at Mareeba Hospital on 13th March.  An extract from the letter is printed below:

“I am a seamstress myself and I had made a few things for our daughter but the blanket you included is her favourite to sleep under at night. Nothing else compares for her. We use the wash cloth for baths, it’s so soft! And the socks are still a little big but we look forward to using them too. The weather is cooling here and we can’t wait to use the cardigan. Thank you again, so much, it was a beautiful gift and warmed our hearts."

Well done to the ladies who make the ‘baby’ packages - such a glowing commendation of all that you do for Sunshine Linus. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Gifts of Gratitude

During the April meeting our president Susan Hoy announced ‘Gifts of Gratitude'.  Susan had organised a nomination book and three baskets brimming with gifts. Each month 6 people can be nominated by other members to receive a gift in gratitude for the contribution they make to Sunshine Linus. The first recipients of ‘Gifts of Gratitude’ for April were Felicity, Gabrielle, Tegan, Margaret, Lyn, Evelyn, Denise and Orrawin.

Margaret, Lyn and Felicity selecting their ‘Gift of Gratitude’.

When you attend the next meeting take a look at the notice board at the entrance. Susan suggested the members of Sunshine Linus may like to use it as a communication/contact board. So if you have any messages for anyone, you know where to place them!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Thank you to our Machine Quilters!

We are very fortunate in our Sunshine Linus community to have a number of ladies who spend many hours quilting the dozens of quilt tops that are donated each month. Dee, Kaye and Judie are three of our machine quilters.

Dee quilts up to twenty quilts a month! She brought along a selection of these quilts to show at our April meeting.

This teddy-panel quilt included a backing with hand stitched blocks. A close up of Dee’s magnificent quilting can be seen in the third photo.

Examples of other quilt tops quilted by Dee include this quilt made from an aeroplane panel, a scrappy squares quilt, a multi-coloured quilt with quarter-square triangles, one with pastel-coloured pinwheels, another quilt with light and dark linking blocks, an autumn-toned pieced quilt and this pieced green and pink quilt that creates a 3D effect in the central panel. Dee’s quilting can be seen clearly on the pink background of this last quilt.

Judie also loves to experiment and her beautiful designs are seen in the machine quilting that she does for Sunshine Linus. The two quilts below were made by Jan from Chinchilla. Judie’s complex quilting can be seen clearly on the back of the second quilt.

Thank you to our machine quilters! 

Keep an eye out for the next post everyone. There is something new happening at our monthly meetings!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Monday 30th April

Lots and lots of ‘news’ and ‘show and tell’ this month so I’ve decided to post the blog in instalments to highlight some of the amazing items made by our ladies at Sunshine Linus Inc.

The lovely autumn weather……. (yes, it’s cooling down at last on the Sunshine Coast) enticed 80 ladies to attend this month’s meeting and as usual the hall was a ‘hive’ of activity.

Lisa had made a collection of activity bags containing all sorts of ‘goodies’. These bags are donated to local Police Stations for children of domestic violence situations. There has been a request for donations of items to fill the bags.

The distribution table was filled with a range of ‘sensory items’ this month that included ‘touchy feely’ quilts, ‘sensory’ cubes and rice ‘fiddle’ bags.

These two ‘touchy feely’ table cloths made by Wendy and Rosemary will be donated to Tantula Rise Aged Care Facility at Alexandra Headland. They are a big hit with the residents.

A big thankyou to all the ladies who make these wonderful creations.

Our guest speaker this month was Kathy from the Kidney Support Foundation. She thanked the Linus members for the 160 quilts that were distributed to patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and to children at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Three of the ‘strippy’ quilts started on Action Day were returned for donation. Karen created this very colourful quilt using alternating horizontal and vertical blocks.


Dawn added cubes to her quilt to create a 3D effect.

Glorianne added borders and colourful butterflies to her quilt to create impact.

Lyn also donated a colourful ‘strippy’ quilt made from Aboriginal fabrics she had collected from the ‘freebie’ table. The quilting included motifs of Australian animals. The back included pictures from the fabrics used on the front.

Orrawin showed two intricate quilts. The first was one she called ‘Many Trips Around the World’. The second, her ‘pride and joy’ was a pattern called ‘Bento Box’.

Our President Susan Hoy showed the first stages of a Blockenspiel made by Val. Val has invented a technique to machine stitch the blockenspiel in one piece before adding the foam cubes and sewing the remaining sides together!

Barbara constructed a fabric ‘flexagon’ she found while cleaning out the storeroom!

Gabrielle showed a set of clothing protectors she made to be donated to the residents at the Carramar Aged Care Facility.

Joy showed a striking red, white and blue quilt with stars on point. She also managed to piece together a second quilt using fabric she had left over from a previous quilt.

Daphne has been very busy making children’s quilts. She showed five quilts that would delight any child. The quilts contained blocks with aeroplanes, soldiers, ballerinas, fairies and tigers.

Show and tell finished with Claire showing one of the ‘silly sacks’ she makes for the students at Currumundi Special School. The bags are made from lycra with a velcro opening at the front. The children love stepping inside the bags to contort their bodies to make all sorts of crazy shapes with the sacks.

That concludes part one of the April blog. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next instalment!