Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Monday 30th September

It was a very busy meeting this month with all members setting about completing their designated tasks. Even so, there was plenty of opportunity to catch up with one another. 

Irene shows Janet how to chain stitch to make flat seams when joining crochet squares as Fran watches on.

Jill organises the quilts before they are moved to the distribution table.

Claire gives Caroline a bag of children’s pyjamas she had sewn. The fabric was donated by Care Outreach Coolum.

The 'Sewing Team' are hard at work sorting and labelling their items.

Orrawin loves to be first up for ‘Show and Tell’ and she didn’t disappoint this month with three quilts to show. The first quilt she called ‘What To Do With Strips’. It was made with a series of colourful, half log cabin blocks. Her second quilt she called ‘What To Do With Long Strips’. It was just as eye-catching with its ‘spinning around’ design.

Orrawin’s third quilt incorporated a central flower, applique block she had discovered on the ‘Freebie table’.

Judie has been very productive with her machine quilting this past month. She has managed to quilt a pile of small to medium sized quilts pieced by Sunshine Linus members.

Sharon made this bright ‘Eye Spy’ quilt.

Judie also quilted these two striking, star quilts that were originally one much larger quilt.

Anne showed two beautiful quilts. The first one was designed around a panel she found on the ‘Freebie table’ and the second was a bright, colourful, quilt called ‘Farmland Animals’.

Kaye showed this stunning baby quilt she had pieced and quilted. The blocks were made by Wendy from Patchwork Angel.

Kaye also showed this modern quilt top she had pieced. Again the quilt blocks were made by Wendy from Patchwork Angel.

Marion showed these delightful mini quilts, teddies and beanies. They are to be packaged and distributed to single mums with new bubs.

Elaine has been very creative this past month. She made this ‘touchy feely’ box which had lots of sensory items hidden inside. Elaine also made these ‘touchy feely’ hand puppets. These items are especially sought after by aged care centres for residents who have dementia.

Jan showed a selection of what the ‘Baby Team’ have been crafting. They have been making Christmas quilts and beanies, beautifully packaged and ready to be distributed. One of Sunshine Linus very new members, Carolyn, crocheted the beanies!

Dorothy showed five very cute quilts, all suitable for children. Her fifth quilt was actually made from a fabric book called 'Rainbow Zebra’. How clever, and doesn’t it look great!

Janet showed two rugs from the ‘Yarners Team’. The first was quite striking with its patchwork-like quarter-square triangles.

This chevron designed rug was made by Helen.

Claire has been busy once again creating a group of adorable, furry friends for Wishlist Sunshine Coast Health Foundation.

Claire also found time to make two delightful picture quilts for Bolten Clark Aged Care, Alexander Headlands. They come complete with a range of sensory items to explore.

Our guest speaker this month was Howard Riach from St Vincent’s Care Maroochydore. He thanked the Sunshine Linus members for their generosity and hard work and especially thanked the ‘Sensory Team’ for the amazing ‘touchy feely’ items they create for patients with dementia.

Susan thanked the team of ladies (Kaye, Beanie, Linda, Lyn and Katrin) who attended and managed the Sunshine Linus booth at the ‘Fair Day Out’ at Eumundi. She also thanked Sharon and Jill for assisting with the distribution of items while Jenny is absent.

Kaye concluded the meeting by thanking Cynthia for her work as ‘Show and Tell’ coordinator these past 8 years. Sunshine Linus will be looking for a new coordinator for ‘Show and Tell’, so if anyone is interested in filling the role, please contact Susan or Kaye.

Thank you to Cynthia for her work as 'Show and Tell' coordinator!

One reminder this month: If anyone is interested in attending the Craft & Quilt Fair in Brisbane, a bus will be departing the Mooloolah Public Hall at 8:00 am on Wednesday 16th October. Contact number: 54947527 or 043907933. Cost is $40 which includes admission.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Activity Day Monday 16th September

Another beautiful, sunny, Spring morning saw 22 people attend our Activity Day. Downstairs, under the supervision of Kaye, a team of ladies were busy sorting and packing quilts and another group filled activity bags.
Upstairs another group were busy sewing labels on wheelchair quilts and larger quilts that had been donated by the Crazy Quilters of Caboolture.

A special thank you to the Crazy Quilters of Caboolture who regularly contribute quilts to Sunshine Linus.

At morning tea Kaye thanked everyone for coming and remarked how enjoyable it was to take time out to catch up with one another!

A reminder that our next meeting is on Monday 30th September.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Monday 26th August

It was ‘all hands back on deck’ at this month’s meeting despite it being just over a week since the Sunshine Linus Open Day.

A big thank you to the Nambour Uniting Church for allowing Sunshine Linus to use the church and hall for the occasion. Daphne shared a sweet story about the Sunday morning after the event when the congregation arrived for their morning service to find the pews covered in quilts. More than $400 worth of quilts were sold that morning!

Lots of really important organisational tasks take place behind the scenes at Sunshine Linus and one such task is sorting and maintaining the storage room. Bonnie and Leonie do a wonderful job keeping everything tagged and ready to be brought up to the hall for distribution each month.

 Kaye assists Leonie in the storage room this month while Bonnie is in hospital.

Another ‘behind-the-scenes’ person is Sue. Every month she takes time to set up and arrange all the items that are donated to the ‘Freebie Table’. Thank you Sue for doing this very necessary job.

Orrawin was first to show what she has been making during ‘Show and Tell’. As usual she had found some four patch blocks on the ‘Freebie Table’ and managed to add to these and arrange them into a delightful scrappy quilt. The back was just as impressive with a ‘Split 9 Patch’ design called ‘Raising the Barn’.

Another of Orrawin’s quilts included an intricate arrangement of half square triangles. This quilt was called ‘Lady of the Lake’.

Orrawin’s third quilt was made up of what she called ‘ugly blocks’ that didn’t look ugly after they had been arranged together! She said she just keeps adding blocks until they all fit together to make a quilt!

Some time ago Kaye was given a bag of hundreds of hexagons. The ladies down at Redland Bay helped out by sewing them into this stunning quilt top!

Kaye wanted to express her appreciation for all the work everyone did for Open Day this year so she decided to make this bright and happy quilt called ‘Heartfelt Thanks’.

Claire showed a ‘Freebie’ quilt that someone else had already made. She only had to sandwich the layers together and then used it to make this charming version of the story ‘There Were Five in the Bed’. Of course all the ‘little ones’ roll over! This quilt is to be donated to Nambour Special School.

The ‘Sensory Team’ showed three aprons. The first two were suitable for a man, they had a whole bunch of hardware items attached.

The third apron would suit a child, it had a variety of ‘play’ items attached. The ‘Sensory Team’ have put out a request for more aprons to be made and donated.

The ‘Sewing Team’ had a whole bunch of these cuties sitting on their table ready to be tagged and placed into activity bags.

The ‘Baby Team’ showed this set of beautiful baby jackets crocheted by Carole who was visiting from New Zealand.

Marion also showed a Christmas quilt, and this quaint ‘peanut pillow’ made by Elaine for premature babies.

Thelma showed a gorgeous baby jacket that had been knitted in one piece. It had been made by Margaret.

Susan showed an adult sized ‘Hug Me Tight’ wrap. They are perfect for patients during a hospital stay.

Kaye thanked everyone for their efforts leading up to and on Open Day. Over $10 000 was raised during the event!

Susan, thanked Kaye and everyone for the success of Open Day including the gentlemen who came to assist setting up and packing up. Susan said the feedback from visitors about the wonderful atmosphere on the day was heart-warming!

Our guest speaker this month was Michelle from Queensland Hospital and Health System. Michelle oversees the volunteers who distribute items donated by Sunshine Linus. These items are donated to hospitals all over the Sunshine Coast.

Some Reminders:

  • Activity Day is Monday 16th September. We will be sorting quilts for the ‘Santa’s Classy Helpers’ in Noosa, and also filling toilet bags and activity bags.
  • Kaye and a group of members will be attending the ‘Fair Day Out’ at Eumundi on October 21st.
  • Check the ‘Wish lists’ and ‘What’s in Storage’ tabs before making items for Sunshine Linus.