Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Party - What a hoot!

At last a chance to relax and enjoy each others company and relax we certainly were! 

We had a very successful Christmas gathering yesterday with lots of delicious morning tea and lunch - all provided by the SL members.  We have some very, very, good cooks amongst us and they excelled yesterday. 

We invited guests to our party who work furiously for SL during the year, but are unable to attend gatherings.   It was so lovely to be able to thank these ladies personally for their hard work.

We didn't have Santa visit yesterday, but we did have the next best thing - The Gingerbread Man(n) (term used loosely) arrived all ready for a party complete with Thin Lizzy face powder and cherry on the nose.  Only our Lorraine could carry this off - and she did so with such aplomb!!

Some of our members put together little Christmas packets for needy children for Christmas.  By shopping cleverly and making every cent count they put together some delightful surprise packages for little ones. 

This group of ladies (who are happy to remain nameless) also purchased a huge number of new pj's and clothing for children.  The generous heart shines bright at Sunshine Linus.

One of our dear members, Olwyn, is in the throws of moving from her beloved property to bayside Brisbane and has been cleaning out her cupboards and donated these three lovely quilts.  Olwyn is a wonderful giving person, and her quilts are truly magnificent. 

We are hoping that Olwyn will continue to join us here once her move is completed.  We have a number of members who drive up from Brisbane for our gatherings so car pooling is possible.

 Our Asst Treasurer and Distribution Manager extraordinaire (Claire) is a very creative gal, and has shown us just how creative she can be with her wonderful bags and purses she made for our Open Day this year - from Curtain scraps! 
Well, she's done it again.  We received this little Christmas hanging from a donor - it was a simple little hanging. 

Claire has  upcycled it and has added all manner of touchy feely resources to it, and it will now adorn the halls of one of our nursing homes, for residents to pause at, and to look and touch. 

We've had a number of requests for this type of "calming tool" for nursing homes. Great job Claire - very creative!

 Here's a gorgeous quilt top (and a biggy) that was given to us by a donor (thanks Christina) and we'll be having this quilted by one of our volunteer long arm quilters.

We will offer it to an organisation as a raffle quilt to raise much needed funds. 

Barb, (the other half of the Treasury team) is a little touched, and has a penchant for taking on enormous challenges with scrap fabrics that most quilters would run for cover from. 

To confirm her unique status in our group, here's her simply stunning quilt top that she's recently completed, all hand pieced in the most fabulous fabrics. 

Barb is going to hand quilt this monster (I told you she was a little touched).

 Our lovely friends at Mountain Quilters have donated some more quilts and quilt tops for us to use - thankyou ladies for continuing to help us with our endeavours.  Your time and effort is very much appreciated.

We also received these delightful little people from an 85 year old lady who has made these for the first time - great effort and we're thrilled they've come to us for distribution.

May the joys of the season be with you, and we hope that 2014 brings happiness and good health to all.