Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 meeting day

When you arrive at the church hall the tables are being setup, the fabric pulled out from under the stage, items are stacked on the distribution table, craftwork is being admired and people are catching up with friends.  It is always a good way to start the last week of the month!
There were a few people away but there was still lots to see during Show & Tell...
Leone, Rosemary and Margaret have the touchy feely bug.  If you were at the meeting you would know that you mustn't throw away anything that could be used on a touchy feely.  So think about keeping tic tac and pill boxes, plastic bottle tops, beads from that broken necklace, buckles and leather from old belts, all the cotton reels you empty, small toys and what ever else you can think of.

Leone's touchy feely to fit a wheelchair tray

Leanne sent along cupcake beanies

Jan put together Di's quilting girls

When crafty people go on holiday they still like to be creative.  Here are four of the quilt tops that Claire B completed while on holiday in country Queensland.

Lyn's monkey quilt

lots of scraps tied together by Lyn using green and pink

this time Lyn's gone purple and yellow

a bold orange statement created by Maggie

Maggie's attic window

Maggie turned a kid's print into a quilt

Kay showing us how to make a small quilt bigger

A few meetings back, Sharon demonstrated the Quilt-As-You-Go method.  Now those demonstration pieces have returned as a finished quilt.
Sharon used applique centres and all the plain
fabric in her cupboard
the front of Sharon's QAYG batik work
and the back

how Pat made use of her friend's fabric

It was good to see Liz back at Sunshine Linus after being so sick.  She is also back sewing!

Liz making life bearable after being sick

Liz stash busting in yellow

and brown

and making use of a jelly roll

The ladies that make items for newborns are making sure that Christmas in hospital will be a happy day.  Christmas dresses, bunting and wall hangings will be distributed to local hospitals.

weighted lap quilts for special needs children

The latest book quilt was handed over to Adrienne from Nambour Special School.  The animals in "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See ..." are made from sensory fabric and some are like stuffed toys.  Each animal and doll is detachable so that children in wheelchairs can participate in the story and learn animals and colours.

I see blue horse looking at me

Sunshine Linus will be participating in A Fair Day Out at Eumundi Markets on Saturday 11 October.  Come along to see the things we make and buy yourself or a friend a handmade gift.
see you at Eumundi Markets!

Hope to see you at A Fair Day Out and our next meeting on Monday 27 October.

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 extra meeting day

Today we had an extra Sunshine Linus gathering.  There are always items to be distributed, fabric to be sorted, sewing to be admired but today we also wanted to learn how to "Stack and Whack".  Thanks to Kaye we learnt how to make a quilt like this colourful creation.

First you cut your stack of fabrics and move the top centre
piece to the bottom of the stack

Sew all the pieces together

Now you have a stack of "squares" that need to be trimmed
the same size and joined together

If you make more cuts and rearrange the order of the
stacks you could make this quilt top

Of course we still had show and tell and a chance to discuss what everyone is doing.

These happy faces will cheer the kids
Some of the many beanies going to the needy

Orawin's kaleidoscope quilt demonstrates what you can
achieve with careful cutting

and this is the back of the above quilt!
a king single weighted blanket

Doreen's waterproof car seat cover for a special needs child

touchy feely quilts for aged care residents
 At Sunshine Linus we often get requests to make new items to help people in the community.  We are trialling a mystery bag.  The bag is big enough to put both hands in and then you can try and guess what the object is before you look at it.  These bags will be offered to aged care centres for work with dementia patients.

the contents of a mystery bag

Nobody wants to be in hospital at Christmas but reality is lots of people are.  Moira and Sue decided that they would get ready to spread some Christmas cheer by making wall hangings for the hospitals we give other items to.  A great idea ladies!

Hope you find inspiration from these creations and that we see you at the next Sunshine Linus meeting on Monday 29 September, 2014.

2014 bus trip to Samford Quilt Show

Last Saturday 30 of us had a day out at the Samford Quilt Show and a little fabric shopping.  The show was held at the Samford Community Centre which had plenty of room for displaying quilts and an amazing collection of wedding dresses from many eras.  The sales table contained beautifully made quilts, vests, bags and other items.

A great way to advertise your quilt show

Here we are enjoying the display.

Sharon and Annie

Thelma and Allie

Shirley and Judie

Friends of Sunshine Linus admiring the wedding dresses
A taste of the quilt display. 
Cynthia's bug quilt for her grand daughter

Don't go cross eyed looking at this one!

Appliqued flowers

For all the grey nomads

I must learn to sew curves

Part of this colourful quilt

Some of Lorraine's mini quilt collection

Kids will love this

Red, black and white always work

Chenille flowers add to this jelly roll quilt

A good way to use colourful scraps

The 25th anniversary challenge
Well done Samford Quilters.  We all enjoyed your quilts and hospitality.