Friday, June 20, 2014

June 16 2014, a little extra gathering.

We managed to fit in an extra meeting day this month because we wanted to do a demonstration on making the Mile A Minute scrap block.  Thanks to Cynthia for doing a great job and spending so much time in preparation of the demonstration.  Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
So most of us got very inspired by the technique of using every little last scrap of fabric, some of us went and had a cup of tea and a lie down.  As always horses for courses, suits some, not others.
We've seen some terrific quilts made using this method over the four years that we've been up and running and they certainly fit the description of Mile a Minute scrappy quilts.
Cynthia sewing like the clappers
during the Mile A Minute Demonstration

Speaking about four years, we will be celebrating that event at the next gathering on the 30th June.  We'll have some lovely morning tea and the chance to reminisce about how far we've come and what our planned journey ahead will look like.
We didn't have a huge amount of goodies to be distributed, but Rose and Ali did an outstanding job in getting all the donations organised and counted and distributed by the end of the day. Well done girls.
We had The Sharpening Man, Lee Evans, visit us and he sharpened a number of scissors, knives etc.  We have put his details on the 'our sponsors' section at the right of the screen if you'd like to make use of his services.  Lee will give you a good deal.  We hop to have him back again at the beginning of next year, will keep you posted about those arrangements.  If you'd like to have Lee sharpen your tools, Thelma Lingard at Palmwoods has offered to take them to her home and have Lee attend there and sharpen them for you.  Just be in touch with Thelma please.
We continue to receive boxes of quilt tops, blocks and quilts from all over the State.  Thankyou to Sandra  from Mt Isa, for her lovely goodies of balloon covers and children's clothing, Jan from Chinchilla for her monster blocks, touchy feely quilts and quilt tops, Nancy Townsend and her crew from Emu Park for their lovely quilt tops. (BTW, all the best to Nancy who is undergoing a hip replacement at present).  Also thanks to Wendy Laws from Kuranda in northern Queensland who send us some delightful light quilts for Sunshine Linus. We appreciate all your efforts ladies.   See some of them below.

These three quilts were from Wendy at Kuranda.

These two photos were some of
Jan from Chinchilla's contributions

Rosemary with her wonderful mini
aprons for Sunny Kids

These two photos are the front and back
of a lovely quilt made by Denise.

A beautifully embroidered quilt top from the girls
at Emu Park, completed and bound.

Jody is new to quilting, but has hit the ground
running and is creating some delightful quilts.

We had a request for a raffle quilt from a group of women in Brisbane who support Samoan Women.  As luck would have it, we also received an absolutely beautiful quilt from a local long arm quilter.  This quilt is just beautiful and very professionally custom quilted.  So we were delighted to marry the need and the quilt.  See the photo below. 

We received lots of knitted items including socks, fingerless mittens and teddys.  All beautifully knitted with love and skill.

Thanks to Joanne, we were able to donate a number of PJ's to Sunny Kids.  Joanne has used the donated knit and polar fleece fabric that we have received, and makes them into lovely comfy PJ's.

See you in two weeks (Monday 30th June) at our Fourth Birthday Celebrations.