Wish Lists

Items needed for September Wish Lists:

We have not been able to supply sufficient quantities of the following:
  • Children / Teenage single bed quilts with matching pillowcases. We need these for Santa's Classy Helpers. They make them available to needy families for Christmas.
  • Body quilts. We regularly supply these to palliative care, cancer and kidney patients at various locations. Wishlist  Foundations says they should be 100cm x 120cm (40" x 50") but we have used 100-120cm (40-50") by  150-170cm (60"-65") in the past.
  • Cot size 70cm x 50cm (27.5"x 20") for SCUH 

Requests for these are steady. We especially need:
  • Touchy/feely books 
  • Blockenspeils
  • If you are making  T/F mats please put a tie in one corner. 
  • We are also getting more requests for sensory items suitable for children.
Knitting and Crochet
Wishlist Foundation have asked for: 
  • Cot size rugs 70 cm x 50 cm (27.5"x 20")
  •  Lap rugs 90 cm x 115 cm (36"x 45")
  •  Body rugs 100 cm x 120 cm (40" x 50")
  •  Baby beanies 12.5 cm wide x 15 cm high (5"x 6") and 11 cm wide x 13 cm high (43/8"x 51/8")
  • We have ongoing need for bears/toys and Kanyini bears
We need more:
  •  Wheely walker bags with tie handles (and possibly an outside pocket for name)
  •  Overnight bags 
  •  Shopping bags 
  •  Drawstring toiletry bags 14" high x 12" wide
  • Turbans
  • X-ray bags
  • Breast drainage bags.   
Check the blog for patterns http://sunshinelinusgroup.blogspot.com/p/free-patterns.html

Items needed for August Wish Lists:

We have steady requests for sensory items but we especially need
  • Touchy/feely aprons - some suitable for males have been asked for
  • Touchy/feely books
  • Marble mazes with big marbles
  • Blockenspeils
  • A touchy/feely tablecloth (1m square with ties in each corner)
  • Touchy/feely mats with a set of ties in one top corner. 
  • Touchy/feely wheelchair quilts with one set of ties in top corner or middle of one side.
  • Rummage bags
  • We seem to have touchy/feely mats and wheelchair quilts in storage if someone is willing to add a tie to the mats or turn the wheelchair quilts into touchy/ feely ones I can arrange to get them to you after Open Day.  Please let me know. (Jenny D)

We need 
  • Lap quilts (900mm x 1150mm) 
  • Body quilts (1000mm x 1200mm)   
Knitted and Crocheted

We have had requests for smaller knitted and crocheted items mainly from the Wishlist Foundation for the Sunshine Coast University Hospital at Birtinya but also for some aged care homes. Please hold bigger blankets etc until we need them next year.
Please be aware that the stitch used in rugs needs to be relatively firm so that there are no holes that fingers or toes can get caught in. This especially applies for cot size rugs.We need

  • Scarves
  • Lap rugs (900 mm x 1150mm)
  • Body rugs (1000mm x 1200mm)
  • Cot size rugs (700mm x 500mm)
  • Beanies for full-term babies (12.5cm wide x 15cm high) Pattern attached below
  • L- shaped shawls with a button
  • Fingerless mittens. These are for cancer and kidney patients undergoing treatment.
  • There are plenty of patterns out there but the simple style which is a rectangle sewn up the side with a hole left for the thumb is fine. The first two links below are for this style.
  • Jill Peck has been making this style for SCUH for a while. Her version is - 8 ply wool, No. 8 (3.5 mm) needles. Cast on 58 sts. K2P2 rib until work measures 20cm. Cast off. Sew up sides, leaving a gap to fit your thumb through. 12 ply wool, No. 6 (5mm) needles Cast on 48 sts
  • Here are links to other couple of crochet patterns: 
  • Ongoing requests for comfort bear/toys (not big ones please) and Kanyini bears (see guidelines on the blog.

We do not need any items to go in activity bags or activity bags, or small toiletry bags at the moment. We need
  • Ongoing turbans, X-ray bags, large drawstring toilet bags (14" high x 12" wide)

Items needed for July Wish Lists:

  • Quilts -  single and body sized quilts 
  • Sensory -  T/F cubes, T/F books, T/F aprons,  blockenspeils and puzzle balls, sensory boxes
  • Yarners - rugs, beanies, scarves, mittens, socks/slippers, toddler/childrens warm clothing, bears/toys
  • Sewn - wheel chair bags and wheely walker bags (both patterns can be found at  http://sunshinelinusgroup.blogspot.com/p/free-patterns.html). Handles can be loops or ties. Remember the velcro closing on both.Ongoing Wish list items include turbans/cancer hats, breast drainage bags, x-ray bags, large drawstring toiletry bags (14" high x 12" wide), pajamas for the children's ward.

Items needed for June Wish Lists:

  • Kanyini Bears - we need kanyini bears for NAIDOC week in July - about 100! We have been asking for them for a few months now but have had less than 10. So if you can make a couple this month it would be appreciated. 
Kanyini bears are teddy bears with brown faces that are dressed in indigenous colours with a yellow sun on their chest. Usually they have black pants and red shirts but any combination of red, back and yellow is fine so long as they have brown faces and a yellow circle on their chest. I have attached a document from Buderim Private Hospital explaining kanyini bears with pictures and a knitting pattern. These two links are for easy bear patterns too.Crochet pattern http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/beckys-bear.html Knitting pattern http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/buddybears.html
  • Warm clothing for toddlers -   a couple of organisations have asked for warm clothes for toddlers - either sewn or knitted/crocheted. Parents often have warm baby clothes but nothing for when their babies grow. Sizes 1 - 3
  • Warm items - with the arrival of cold weather we are getting more requests for warm items - in particular knitted/crocheted slippers, ugly socks and rugs & blankets. Other warm items are useful too.
  • Wheel chair bags and wheelie walker bags - a couple of aged care homes have requested these. Please ensure they have velcro fastening on the top. There is a pattern for wheel chair bags on the blog.
  • Ongoing wish list items - turbans, cancer hats, breast drainage bags, X-ray bags, drawstring toiletry bags 14" high x 12" wide, lap rugs, shawls, single quilts, body quilts, and quilt bags.

Items needed for May Wish Lists:

  • Quilts - We have ongoing requests for single, body and wheelchair quilts. We are also trying to collect quilts to put on display for our Open Day in August.
  • Sensory Items - We have not been able to meet all requests for T/F books, T/F tablecloths, T/F aprons, T/F wheelchair quilts, puzzle balls, blockenspeils, and soft balls.
  • Knitting and crochet - We have ongoing requests for shawls and lap rugs, knitted toys/ bears and Kanyini bears (they aim for 100 for Reconciliation Week in July). We also were unable to fill all the requests for puzzle balls last month.
  • Sewing - We have ongoing requests for turbans, x-ray bags, breast drainage bags, large drawstring toiletry bags and children's PJs for the hospital. 
  • Under the 'Patterns Tab' are instructions to make the cancer hat / beanie that Lisa Rowe referred to last meeting and instructions to make the breast drainage bags to the size requested by the hospital (they are wider and shorter than the old ones - 25cm wide across the base and 30cm high)
  • We have been unable to supply the Neckchief / Bandana clothing protectors (bright fabric one side, towelling the other) requested by an aged care home. I am endeavouring to find an adult pattern. Does anyone have one? There are plenty of baby ones but these are too small for adults. I have one I can modify but would be very happy if someone else has already done it!
  • We also need adult aprons for art and people confined to princess chairs. I put an example in last month's email. Some suitable for males would be good too.

Items needed for April Wish Lists:

We have very little in storage. These are what we especially need
  • Quilts -  especially single and body sized quilts (see last month's post for sizes). That includes children's quilts with pillowcases. Quilt bags as well.
  • Sensory items - any as we have no reserves in storage. In particular -
  • T/F tablecloths - 1m x 1m with ties on the corners. We need several.
  • T/F books - we haven't been able to supply all requests.
  • T/F wheelchair quilts - Normal wheelchair quilt with T/F section in the lap area of the quilt.

We have some wheelchair quilts in storage. Could anyone volunteer to convert them on the activity day?
  • Blockenspeils
  • Marble mazes with big marbles
  • Knitting and Crochet - we are starting to get requests for warm items so you can bring in stored items.
  • Shawls - we are getting ongoing requests for triangular or L shaped shawls with button on front.
  • Knitted toys including kanyini bears
  • Lap rugs - patterns with texture are appreciated
  • Beanies and scarves
  • Sewn items.
  • Adult aprons - for art etc. We need lots.
  • Triangular Neckchief (bandana) clothing protectors - one side terry towelling and other side colourful material for aged care residents with saliva issues

  • X-ray bags - ongoing
  • Turbans - ongoing
  • Toiletry bags - larger than usual 14" high x 12" wide with drawstring. These are for a charity that sends out care packages to drought communities etc so full size items need to fit in.
Items for Activity bags and toiletry bags

We supply activity bags for children to organisations like the police and community centres. They are drawstring bags with things to occupy children quietly while caregivers are occupied elsewhere. We need items like colouring and sticker books, pens and pencils, matchbox cars, finger puppets, small toys etc to fill these bags. We also supply various organisations with toiletry bags containing essentials like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush etc. If you can supply any of these especially in sample size it will be appreciated.

Items needed for March wish lists:

  • Sensory items - only have some squeezies and balloon covers in storage and we've had new wishlists come in from a school, a hospital and aged care facilities. So mats, blockenspeils, books, cubes, marble mazes etc suitable for male and female and children.
  • Lap rugs and shawls and wheelchair quilts are being requested by the various hospital wards with elderly patients. They feel the cold in air conditioning and the rugs etc have to go home with patients so the need is ongoing. Don't forget to put a button on the shawls. As yet we don't need large blankets. Wheelchair quilt pattern is on the Blog  http://sunshinelinusgroup.blogspot.com/p/free-patterns.html
  • Turbans, fingerless gloves and long narrow pretty scarves  - mainly for the kidney and cancer units. 
  • X-ray bags - I discovered these are used to carry quilts etc as well as X-rays so we have an ongoing need for these for various hospital units that we never exceed. Pattern is on the Blog http://sunshinelinusgroup.blogspot.com/p/free-patterns.html
  • Drawstring toiletry bags approximately 35cm (14") by 30cm (12") - ongoing for Care Outreach Coolum to fill and use for Drought relief etc.
  • Drawstring bags 25cm (10") by 35cm (14") to cover urine bags for aged care patients when on outings. 
  • Clothing Protectors - for the Nambour Special School. They look to be about half a standard towel size. Click on this link to view photograph. Clothing Protector
  • Quilt bags - a number of places are requesting single bed quilts and bags to put them in. So we need bags big enough for a single bed quilt. 
  • Children's quilts and pillow cases - We have some ongoing wishlists for quilts. Some receive a regular number each month, others we stockpile. Santa's Classy Helpers, a charity from Noosaville, who distribute to disadvantaged families for Christmas have asked for 100 children's quilts with matching pillow cases for the end of the year. So if making a child's quilt can you also make/provide a pillow case. If doesn't need to be patchwork - just tone in. 
Don't make any more breast drainage bags for now. 
The hospital has changed the size of their bags so the ones we make don't fit. I am waiting for the new dimensions and will let you know. 

Quilt size clarification: 
We mainly are asked for single bed quilts, body quilts and lap quilts (although we do distribute any size).
I was asked about quilt sizes. I don't quilt but here is what I researched. 

A single bed is 92cm x 190cm (36" x 75") 
To get the quilt size it depends on how much overhang you want. Usually it is 30cm to 50cm. So add 30cm (12") to 50cm (20") to the length and 60cm (24") to 100cm (40") to the width. 
If you want to go over the pillow add another 25cm (10") to the length. 

Single bed quilt  (with rounding) is approximately 
155-195cm (60-76") wide by 220-240cm (87-95") long 
(if not covering the pillow) 

Body quilts (cover the body from chin to toes in a reclining chair) - approximately 100-120cm (40-50") by 150-170cm (60-65")

Lap quilts approximately 90-115 cm (36-45") square

Items needed for February Wish Lists:

  • Sensory items for a special school - marble mazes, blockenspeils, rice bags, touchy-feely cubes and books etc.
    We distributed all sensory items that were in storage last month so have no reserves.
  • Knitted / crocheted poppies for Anzac day - for distribution at an aged care facility.
  • St Patrick's Day items for the same place. Not sure if we can fill this one as they would have to be ready by next meeting.
  • There are lots of ideas if you Google ‘St Patrick's Day crochet or knitting patterns’. These are just two crochet ones I found for a bookmark and a mug/jar cozy.
    Green beanies and scarves are also possibilities
  • Breast drainage bags (the ones with the long tie and loop at the top) and breast cushions for the Breast Cancer Unit.
  • Ongoing wish list items - X-ray bags, turbans, kanyini bears (these are items that requesting organisations use more than we can supply or are stockpiling for an event later in the year and so would like some more each month)

Excess items
We have oodles of knitted and crocheted items in storage. Please hold any more you have at home until we ask for them (probably round May).

We had an ongoing wish list for shawls and knee rugs from one of the hospital wards but they are being relocated and have asked if we don't send any more.

Items needed for January Wish Lists:

These are items which we have had shortages of, or have ongoing need for. That is not to say you shouldn't make other items as creativity takes you but please think about who we might be able to distribute the items to. Our motto says we are providing quilts and comforts to people in need. Not all items that might go on a craft stall fit into that category.
  • X-Ray bags - we have been unable to fill wish lists for these for several months.  Breast cancer patients are the main recipients. We need lots! Instructions are attached. 
  • Knitted/Crochet shawls - both Nambour and Sunshine Coast University Hospitals have asked for these for their elderly patients who find the air conditioning too cold. These are ongoing wish lists. They especially like the ones made of 3 x 50cm squares that are joined together in an 'L' shape. Regardless of design please put a button on the front so they can't slip off shoulders.
  • Knitted/Crocheted lap rugs - same as the shawls. Good if they can have a pattern or yarn which has texture.
  • Light weight summer lap quilts - with little or no wadding. For hospitals and aged care homes.
  • Marble mazes - ones with  large marbles.
  • Clutch/Puzzle balls - someone made a few of these some time ago (Google 'clutch ball or Amish puzzle ball free pattern' for an image) and they have appeared on wish lists (called triangle balls) since then but we haven't had any more made. If you made them we'd love some more or if someone else would like to try there are lots of patterns and variations on the web.
  • Conversational quilts with panels that encourage interaction - animals, flowers, farm life, gardening -for dementia patients but not appearing obvious.
  • Rice (bean) bags with removable washable outer covers - calico double stitched inner bags finished size approx. 15cm square. Covers - strong washable fabric with Velcro or snap closing, weight approx. 400g in each bag. For the ARC Unit to use in weighted objects.

Items needed for November Wish Lists:

  • X-ray bags
  • Wheelchair quilts 
  • Rice fiddle bags
  • Balloon ball covers
  • Bed socks in bright colours
  • T/F cubes suitable for toddlers 
  • T/F books 
  • T/F aprons 
  • Cubby House table cover for table 70 cm W x 101 cm L x 90 cm H
  • Overnight bags
  • Hand made Christmas decorations
  • L-shaped crocheted shoulder wraps
  • Circular card holders
  • Poncho made out of single length of fabric.
  • Crocheted/knitted lap rugs (preferably with texture) 
  • Conversational quilts with panels that encourage interaction - animals, flowers, farm life, gardening
  • Rice (Bean) bags with removable washable outer covers (Calico double stitched inner bags finished size approx. 15cm square. Covers - strong washable fabric with Velcro or snap closing, weight approx. 400g in each bag)

Items needed for October Wish Lists:

In addition to the usual creative things people make we need:
  • X-ray bags
  • Wheely walker bags
  • Handmade Christmas decorations suitable for Alzheimer patients. (They need to be soft and tactile. See the ones shown at Show and Tell last meeting on the Blog http://sunshinelinusgroup.blogspot.com for ideas).
  • Cotton beanies for cancer patients (We have plenty of warm beanies but would like some pretty ones made from soft cotton yarn for summer).
  • Sensory items for the Acute Restorative Care Unit at Nambour General Hospital (They would like items which are less obvious than our usual touchy feely items).
- Lap rugs cushions etc. which look like regular ones but have texture and tactile surfaces or have a theme eg. garden, pets - they can be crocheted, knitted or quilted
Large animal toys - (prefer cats or dogs) that are tactile and possibly weighted
- Shawls - need a small number regularly to offset air conditioning - remember a button on front

  • Beanies and cocoons for new born babies in Tanzania (as described by Jan a the last meeting)

Items needed for September Wish Lists:

All the creative things that you make are welcome.  These are items are especially in demand.
  • Touchy feely items in general but especially
  • Blockenspiels
  • Touchy feely books
  • Rice bags
  • Squeezy bags - these have been a surprising hit and are in demand especially in aged care homes. They are small sealed stuffed bags with a hard object inside. They are able to be held in one hand (about 6.5 cm  x 10 cm). Be creative! You can make them out of any material that feels good in the hand or has texture - felt, satin, corduroy, toweling etc. Stuff them with anything that allows the object inside to be felt - crinkly metal chip packet, cellophane, soft wadding, rice, styrofoam pellets, split peas etc. Put a hard object that can be felt inside - marble, key, peg, etc.
  • Quilts - we have none in storage at the moment. Any are welcome but especially ones big enough for an adult to use - single bed or big enough for an adult to wrap around them.
  • Children's quilts
  • Ongoing requests for children's clothes and kanyini bears also exist.

Please hold all knitted and crocheted items except beanies, scarves and toys at home until next year when the weather cools down.

Items needed for August Wish Lists:

These are the items we especially need for August's meeting. (Please
don't stop making the lovely sensory items, quilts etc that you usually make.)

  • Touchy feely squeezy bags - sensory bags that are light and easily handled

About 10cm x 6.5cm made from felt or other soft material with hard objects inside surrounded by soft or crinkly filling like chip packets (the metallic ones)

  • Large touchy feely rug/blanket  - around 1 metre square
  • Weighted blankets and lap blankets

  • Wheelchair bags
  • X-ray carry bags
  • Kidney drainage bags
  • Turbans
  • Blockenspiels
  • Kanyini bears (ongoing - they will stockpile them for NAIDOC week next year)

  • Adam from Maroochydore High is looking for thin elastic to make scrunchies etc. If you have some you could donate (I should image short lengths should be fine) please bring it next meeting.

Please note:
The demand for knitted and crocheted items will drop off dramatically from now on as the weather warms up. We don’t have the storage capacity for these items so if you could hold them at home until around next May it would be greatly appreciated.

Items needed for July Wish Lists
  • Blockenspiels
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Overnight bags
  • Quilt carry bags
  • X-ray bags
  • Weighted blankets
  • Weighted Lap - cushion size
  • All sensory items

Items needed for June Wish Lists

  • Kanyini bears - brown trauma teddies in indigenous colours (black, red, yellow) with yellow circle on tummy - need lots for July Nadoic week
  • Plain aprons for craft - on a wish list for a couple of months now
  • Any Touchy Feely items - tablecloths and aprons especially 
  • Knitted and crocheted items - fingerless gloves, rugs/blankets, scarves, beanies especially. Not so many shawls
  • Basic rugs made of fleecy material
  • Blockenspiels
  • Peanut pillows for premmie babies

Items needed for May Wish Lists

  • Knitted and crocheted beanies, scarves, socks, blankets and rugs - You can finally bring in your stores from home 😊
  • Craft aprons for adults
  • Touchy feely aprons
  • Touchy feely books
  • Touchy feely cubes
  • Touchy feely squizzes - sensory bags that are light and easily handled. About 10cm X 6.5cm made from felt or other soft material with hard objects inside surrounded by soft or crinkly filling like chip packets (the metallic ones) 
  • Touchy feely tablecloth - 1 metre square with 2 x 25cm ties on each corner (to attach to table legs). Tactile items over cloth for clients to feel as they go by.
  • Weighted blankets for adult males, a teenage male and female adult
  • Weighted lap blankets  (pattern on blog -  


  • Blockenspiels
  • Marble mazes with large marbles (better for arthritic hands)
  • Rice bags
  • Balloon covers
  • Lap quilts

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