Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a few more items of news

Greetings all,

At the Project Linus fundraiser at St Matthews Anglican Church, Sherwood, Ruby Houston (Brisbane co-ordinator Project Linus) was interviewed by the ABC along with the family and little boy Jake who received the 10,000 quilt recently.  Here’s a link to that interview:

And recently Judie and Ruby were attendees on a panel discussion as part of the Ideas Festival held at the State Library of Queensland.  Judie and two other charity spokespersons were interviewed in front of a live audience.  Here’s a link to that event:

Congratulations to all who contributed to the successful fund raiser in Brisbane for Project Linus. Approximately $4,500 was raised through entry to the quilt show, our craft table and generous donations. 

BFN til next week, Happy quilting,
Lorraine H

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gathering 27.06.2011

Greetings all,

Gee the nights have been very cold lately. The school holidays are over.

At our last gathering there were lots of oh so great items for show and tell.
Judie had lots of news to pass on to us.

We all need to learn a bit more about machine quilting. We can all do with another skill to learn. (LOL)
I know lots of the ladies in our Linus group have been quilting and for that I say a big thanks.

A lady, Bev made and donated more than 35 quilts. They are all beautiful.

There is lots of fabric coming in. Ann Stewart from our group has donated many bags of fabric,Thanks Ann.

At present there is an over abundance of Poly fabrics, which of course we tend not to use in our quilts.
We will donate these to Lifeline and I am sure they will be of use to them. 

We all agree that there is a need to have lots more kits made up. Marilyn made up lots of Feely touchy quilt kits and she and other ladies made them up which was of great help and most of them have been distributed to places of need. eg, nursing homes. The people who are suffering from dementure are enjoying the various different feeling and sounds and sometimes even brings back memories of the past when they used to use the different fabrics in the lap size quilts. Visually impaired people find them god to touch.

Some Ladies would be happy to go to Craft groups, Quilting groups etc to talk about what Sunshine Linus is and how we make quilts and donate them to the various people.
 A show and tell to go with it would be great to get public interest.

The fete that Judie's Brisbane group supports at Sherwood was on 2 weeks ago. We will be interested to Know how it was.

Sue Eagle, Thelma, Ann Wells and other ladies made many items to sell. I know Judie will be very grateful for the time and effort that goes into these things. Box bags,  a wow! tea cosy with pom poms on, baby items, scarf and beanie sets and scarves just to mention a few.

Barb has made 5 quilts using Polar fleece for the backing.

Marge made more sitting mats for a Prep class.

Bev will do a "Quilt as you go"  impromptu lesson

Leigh made several big quilts in black and gold. They were very nice.

Judy  (Maloola ) made a fabulous Pirate quilt. Some lucky little fellow will just love it.
She also made a great quilt with lots of beach houses. I love both these quilts.

Judie will try to arrange an extra day in August for us all to help in making up kits. It will help to use some of the bags of fabric. Depending on the availability of the Church hall.

Marilyn advised us of an upcoming Quilting weekends. One is September 2nd and the other one is  2nd weekend in February.  The cost is $130.00 The weekends are at the Mapleton  Baptist Retreat.

OUR BIG, BIG news is that we celebrated our 1ST BIRTHDAY with a yummy chocolate cake  Ann Wells made. It is quite amazing to know that so many quilts have been given to so many people in need.

Happy  1st Birthday Sunshine Linus.

Our next gathering will beheld on 27th July, 9.30am -2.00pm

Until then, happy quilting,  BFN  Lorraine H  Secretary.