Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 28 2017 Meeting

What a fulfilling month ! August 12 was the date for the group's third Quilt Show and Sales event. Sub-committees had been working on their tasks for months and all came together in the setting up of the Nambour Uniting Church Hall and Church on the Friday afternoon. Sunshine Linus is so grateful to the church for the use of this facility, not only for our monthly meetings but also for special occasions. Over a hundred quilts had been stored to cover the pews and to be displayed around the walls of the venue. The small quilts on the pews were left in place for the congregation to sit upon and admire at the Sunday service before they were packed away ready for distribution at the end of the month.
These photos give some glimpses of the event:
The tea room ready for business
and visitors enjoyed tea and scones on the day.

The space became quite crowded with bus loads of fellow quilters travelling from afar to join us.

The stage was adorned by several quilts which had been set aside to give to organisations requesting raffle quilts and these have now been distributed.

The rich hues of Margaret's Jenny Beyer quilt was a favourite in the group of member's quilts on display.

A small group of traders supported our Open Day.
 The new owner of the local Nambour shop and member Dee's Blockopedia stall.

Two specialist groups had a small display area:

the premmie baby specialists 

and Claire's storybook quilts.
Many visitors were interested in the special needs items displayed by Leone and Bonnie, such as were recently donated to Abel Care.
 A 'touchy feely' apron, soft balls, noughts and crosses and 'touchy feely' cushions are just some ideas developed by our members.
Members were greeted to our August meeting with a Sales table featuring goods not sold on Open Day. Ultimately, over $5000 was raised by the Sales Team alone.

It can be understood why out SHOW and TELL for August was much smaller than usual. However, some colourful rugs were on show, both knitted and crocheted, courtesy of Peregian Craft Group.

Linus was visited by two ladies representing Wishlist and two from Katie Rose Cottage, a hospice at Doonan. Wishlist is a charity set up to guide the community in raising funds and products for Sunshine Coast hospitals. Katie Rose Cottage is working towards providing four beds in a home style environment for palliative care purposes. Sunshine Linus has committed to supporting both these organisations in the future. 

Liz has kept her grandchildren busy making simple pieced tops.

Knitted goods included smart slippers

and a shawl for aged care. 

Colourful platypuses and hand puppets were displayed by Kaye.

Claire explained to new members the structure and purpose of a silly sac.

Our regular contributors Anne and Glorianne found time to create one more delightful quilt each this month, despite their work at the door on Open Day.

Some of those chenille pieces mentioned last month appeared as a bright quilt top,
 and President Kaye challenged members to produce a more complex marble maze and to turn this centre panel into a quilt. 

 Look forward to seeing the results of these next month as our members never shirk a challenge to create something interesting for the needy.

Next meeting is Monday, 25th September at 9.30am.