Tuesday, February 26, 2013

25th February Gathering

Well, we had big plans for our day at Sunshine Linus.  We hoped to have a mini workshop on making drainage bags for those women who have had mastectomies.  Well, Mother Nature had other ideas and we had a small gathering due to yet another "weather event" as the Bureau likes to call it. 

We normal people call it something else I probably shouldn't type here, but you get my meaning.  It poured and poured throughout the day, and driving up from Brisbane and home again became a bit of an adventure.  We travelled over two flowing creeks, and both were almost at the point of bursting their banks and covering the road.  We held our breath as we passed over, and had no other problems other than a very slow trip.

But there were a about 15 of the die hards there, who all now would qualify for being postwomen for their local communities!  (Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.) 

So we abandoned the idea of a mini workshop and spent the day enjoying show and tell, and organising, sorting, sewing, gathering like bits together etc.  We had a few newbies join us, it's always lovely to welcome new members and delight in their skills.  We had one particular newbie who also happened to be a on the receiving end of our quilts recently.  Nicky's little boy Stewart was in hospital and received a quilt from Sunshine Linus.  Nicky went super sleuthing on google and found our blog.  Nicky and her family wanted to thank us and the rest is history - she's very happy being a part of our wonderful group.  BTW, Stewart is doing well, but being monitored.

Thanks also to Lyn who took these photos for us - she is also a very skilled quilt maker and we delighted in seeing her great creations - the red one is hers, isn't it stunning!

So here's some of our photos from yesterday.

This quilt was a wonderful idea from Rosemary.  Lots and lots of scraps, with an I Spy centre.  Here's a closeup:


This one is very jewel like, facets abound - Another Lyn creation

Simply red and white looks absolutely stunning.

This one has been made using the Quilt as you Go method.  Very effective results.
Frogs Frolic
A simple row by row, but just gorgeous

Plans are underway for our Open Day in August and we received a large amount of beautifully made goodies for our stall in August.  Leone has made some very clever little nick-knacks which may not last till August.  Lots of lovely things, and it's looking like we're going to have a huge stall.  More information about that in the next blog posting.  Bye for now.

Here's a listing of the goodies that we received today and where they were distributed to:

16 x Baby wraps, 4 baby caps, 26 hot pack cases, 11 wheat pack cases all to Nambour Hospital
2 Touchy Feelies to Winton, Qld
5 Fitted Touchy Feelies (to site on wheelchair trays) and 5 Touchy Feelies to Winston House
1 Raffle Quilt and Bag to Cystic Fybrosis for Fundraising
9 PJ sets, 10 Toilet Bags, 4 small childrens quilts to Salvation Army Teewantin
10 Children's Quilt to McConnell Ward RCH
12 Teenage Quilt to Foster Parents Assoc
4 Touchy Feelies to Maryborough Special School
33 Toilet Bags, 15 shopping bags and 2 beanies to Lions Emergency Care, Nambour
14 Quilts in storage for next month.

Given that this was a very wet day, and we only had a few members attending, we are very pleased with out output for this month.  Well done ladies.