Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24 2017

This month was dominated by small quilts. Several members displayed a variety of designs.- including the wedding ring by Liz,

apricot squares by Dorothy and Spot the Dog by Joanne.


Donated Scrappy quilt tops have been finished by Lyn P



while Orrawin and Liz produced larger scrappy quilts.

Most of the fabrics used by Linus members have been donated, The "freebies" table becomes a treasure hunt and may include complete quilt tops, motifs to inspire and hundreds of pre-cut squares and hexagons.
This quilt top below has been donated

as was this great appliqued quilt below made by Anne who was initially delighted to find the centre motif on the table, then discovered the remainder of the quilt waiting to be assembled. Anne is  definitely one of our applique specialists regularly bringing beautiful quilts such as this.

Many of our quilts are intended for children such as the Dinosaur quilt and Ben Ten completed by Lyn P,
Faye's angry lion (made from a paper pieced centre by Jan of Chinchilla)
 and Elaine's Teddy panel cot quilt, much admired by her friends before today.

Denise S has put many hours into this hand stitched Sashiko wall panel and the seahorse panel.


Orrawin once again has used lots of pieces to create vibrant quilts.

 Dorothy worked with pastels and selected motifs for a girl's quilt while Helen used a "quilt as you go" technique for her raw edged quilt.

President Kay inspired us with two new challenges - quilts made from chenille, and a chance to use up all those scraps of wool to make a cardigan.
Cutting this donated chenille into suitable pieces will be part of our extra gathering on Monday 15 May from 9.30am. On that day we will also be sewing shorts for the Men's Shack. The shorts are already cut, needing overlocking, machining and threading of elastic for the waists.
Patterns for the top-down cardi below can be sourced at our next meeting or, if you cannot wait to get started, email me (Lyn Peacock) for your copy.

Claire has been busy with her adaptation of The Hungry Caterpillar,  Claire's creativity and attention to detail know no bounds- note the brown cocoon on the right hand side into which the caterpillar can retreat to emerge as the butterfly below.

The premmie baby group currently have an oversupply of knitted caps but could use some standard size caps. 

Denise has created some lovely knitted cardigans, caps and bootees.

The distribution table was again overloaded with a variety of goods. 
Val had taken the challenge to piece together donated knitted strips into warm neck scarves, dozens of toilet bags were ready to be filled as were activity bags which go to the police for children placed in their care due to unforeseen circumstances. Filling these bags with books, colouring pencils etc is quite an expensive challenge so any donations would be welcome. See Bonnie next month if you can help with this.

 Sit up-ons and sensory toys are in constant demand and members seem to find a variety of ways to vary these.


Our "What we make and where it goes" file may seem small this month but that is because Linus will donate 100 quilts to Scope in May and many are being held back for our Open Day in early August when we cover all the pews of the Uniting church with quilts. These are distributed after the Open Day held every second year - so mark August 12 in your dairy now.
New member Dee who does quilting with fabulous designs brought in several quilts ready for binding so expect to see some spectacular examples on the May blog. I know I was keen enough to immediately stitch on the binding ready for hand sewing as soon as I go home.

 Next meeting will be Monday 29 May from 9.30am