Friday, August 16, 2013

12th August 2013

Yvonne made this beauty.
It will be available for sale on our special day.
We had an extra gathering today, in preparation for our Open Day and Quilt Show on the 31st August.  We spent the day with a show and tell, then collecting and counting and organising distribution and finally we sat down at lunchtime and fine tuned the arrangements for our special day.

We are getting excited to be throwing open the doors and inviting everyone to come and see what we do and where it all goes, around the Sunshine Coast community.

Our Handcrafted gifts table is full to overflowing with spectacularly clever and beautifully made items for purchase by our visitors. 

I know it's not Christmas yet, but it might be an opportunity to gather a few gifts together in preparation for the coming Christmas season!


Claire has been making the most wonderful bags for our Open Day.  The fabric she has used would ordinarily be used for curtaining, but Claire has a wonderfully creative skill and makes this fabric into the most delightful bags.

We had three new members join us today.  Hello to Moira, Lyn & Sue.  Lyn had been in touch with Sunshine Linus about the lovely little outfits she has put together. 

These sweet little ensembles are a crocheted vest (by Lyn) and purchased little tops and bottoms to complete the outfit.  We were blown away with the volume of outfits and the quality of the clothing. 

These items were distributed to a local women's refuge where they'll be very much appreciated.  We also distributed two huge bags of new toys that Lyn had collected, and these were taken to Chris Potter and the Gifts for Kids in Care organisation, who support foster children on the coast.

We are developing a very large clientele these days, and are starting to enter into some very close partnerships with various organisation who benefit from our busy hands and generous hearts.

SANDS(Miscarriage, Stillborn and newborn death support group, is one such organisation that is working with us to provide specific little items to their members including little delicate gowns and blankets of love.  There'll be more on that subject next time.

Here's some more photos of the goodies that arrived yesterday, and went on to be distributed before we left.

We would also like to thank Kay Sauer at APatchy Quilting for donating the fabrics shown here for Sunshine Linus.  We simply couldn't do what we do without the generosity of other quilters and quilt business owners.  Thank you Kay, it is most appreciated.

A friend of Claires also donated these beautiful items - a very pretty quilt and a knitted rug.  Aren't they just beautiful?  Thankyou Claires friend. Your work is lovely.