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Wednesday, 30 November, 2011

Today I represented Sunshine Linus at the Christmas party of the Mountain Quilters group who meet at Peachester. I was invited for morning tea and lunch but I didn't quite make it for morning tea as my satellite navigation for the very first time sent me on a wild goose chase. I made sure I had plenty of time to be on time, even rising early so that I could get the dinner on and sort the washing so the Prince of Darkness could get that done whilst I was away. I thought something was amiss when I went around the same block in Beerwah four times and even allowing for lack of concentration wasn't going anywhere so I pulled into the pub where I could either get directions or a drink to calm me down.

I hate being late and I was now 20 minutes late. Wouldn't you know it - new road works and since I haven't downloaded any new maps for ages onto the Satnav, this was why I was lost.

I was surprised when I found the Peachester Hall that there were so many cars there and doubly surprised when I saw the numbers of ladies present. Initially I missed the one and only man in the group. I was warmly welcomed and rushed over to a reporter from the local Glasshouse Newspaper where I was interviewed about Sunshine Linus. Sherryl Moody is the president of Mountain Quilters which boasts a membership of 52 women and 1 man and she introduced me to the members where I gave a talk about our group. I took some samples of a weighted blanket, touchy feely blanket and a box vanity bag.

A Touchy Feely Quilt
They were a very attentive and interested audience. After my talk they made a presentation of 13 beautiful quilts and 2 quilt tops to Sunshine Linus.There were many members who came and personally spoke to me about when we meet and wanting patterns for the blankets. I am very hopeful that some of the ladies and Martin may come to our January meeting and I am sure you will all make them welcome.

Mountain Quilters are a very active and welcoming group and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them. Naturally a beautiful lunch was served with true country hospitality. Make a note that their Annual Show will take place at the Peachester Hall on the 26th and 27th May. Their theme for 2012 is "Cats and Dogs" with a beautiful cats quilt up for raffle. Peachester is a gorgeous part of the Sunshine Hinterland and it would be a lovely drive up to see the work of these talented quilters.

Yvonne Atkinson

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