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29th May 2011

Greetings all,

Having had a extra little time showed how so many articles have been made and donated, thank you to all the girls that have spent so much time donating the many things. Well done :-)  :-)

Our AGM meeting will be held in December as to make the audit from January to December. Thank you to Yvonne for all your work and expertise in looking after the money side of Sunshine Linus.

At the meeting everyone shared the items made:

Bev's DH  (dear husband) Rowan has offered to pay next year's Public Liability costs. A very big thank you for your offer.

The weighted blankets were greatly received.

A.E.I.O.U. via the Local University is interested in our venture. Sue Eagle has a contact there.

10,000th QUILT was donated to a Brisbane lad. Jake's sister and Mum were given a quilt as well.

Judie was invited to speak and also be on a panel lead by Robyn Franks at an Ideas festival.
The podcast of the ideas Festival has been posted on the web.
 I can only just hear it, maybe you will be able to hear it.


A journalist from the Buderim Newspaper has offered a 2 page spread about Sunshine Linus.
Janine Hills will be contacted to invite her to visit Sunshine Linus on one of our Monday gatherings.

Judie has designed a flyer a flyer " Providing quilts and other comforts to those in need on the Sunshine Coast, Qld." Thank you Judie it does look great. 
We can all print off and use wherever the need arises. Judie sent a group email and the flyer as an attachment.

Thank you to Thelma who took the donated Janome sewing machine to the Sewing Machine Doctor at Forest Glen.
He serviced the machine and added a SafetyTag.

What a good result, the machine is now in good condition and the BEST part he donated the service to Sunshine Linus.

If you need a machine serviced just take the machine to Penny at Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen and he will pick from there and return it to Penny.
I am not too sure, the cost of a  basic  general service cost is approximately $120  His name is Stephen. 

The fete that Judie is affiliated with is on the 8th July 2011 at
St Matthews at Sherwood in Brisbane. Any donations are greatfully received. 

Sue Eagle is as ever busy making things for Linus include Box zip bags, quilts, a lovely baby quilt.
Sue had a call from Howards selling his fabrics.

Sharron, for the month made 12 xray bags. Leeanne from Oncology has a request for little bags to put the Wheat packs in. A good size is 12 inches by 18 fold in an 1inch at the top for a drawstring.

Sharron uses caps in theatre and will bring one in to show us and some of us will make them for Nambour Hospital Theatre.

Tony made his way into the Monday gathering with more quilts from his wife Lee. I think he enjoys the little bit of stirring he gets when he enters. Thanks to Lee and Tony.

Clever Ann made seven bags, seven hats a quilt with seven inch blocks and a pinwheel quilt.

Judie has a friend who has donated $50.00 to Sunshine Linus. Very greatful for the donation.

Thelma continues to make lots of bindings for the completed quilts then some of the ladies sew the binding on to the quilt, then others sew the labels on the back.

Barb always has some spectular quilts to donate.
During the last month barb had a nasty sewing machine (maybe because she is such an over achiever) her machine died from old age and over use.
Come in Janome that was donated.

A quilt made of Liberty fabrics will be raffled and the funds will go to Breast Cancer.

Barb has a constant craving for Liberty fabrics. If anyone has some Liberty fabrics Barb will use them well.

For every item made there is a label added to the back. This is a very big job and I send them a big thank you. They work very well together at the Monday gathering. It is a big job and it gets done so

Bev made a quilt as you go quilt and then quilted it. A friend Jill sewed the bindings onto the quilt.

Not too sure who made the Angel quilt. This will make a little girl very happy.Judy ???

Margaret helped Bev make a trip around the world quilt.

Pat made many premmie beanies, obviously needed in this cold spell of winter.

Judy made some premmie beanies.

Carolynne (?) sorry not sure, made flannelette boys big quilts and more box bags, and strip quilts.

Judy made some lovely place mats for nursing homes, some premmie blankets and a beautiful little girl bag, and some more bags.

I have finished some Touchy Feely quilts.
My daughter has connections with some of the nursing homes so we will visit the Beachwood Care Services at Kawana and will donate some of the touchy feely quilts to their dementia people, who will  enjoy them.
Lots of laces, ribbons and different textures are sewn onto them will help in their times of sitting.

Our next gathering will be on Monday the 27th June 2011 from 9.30am to approx 2.00pm.
Can you please bring old sheets to put under the tables as it saves vacuuming the large area. Thanks.

Until next we meet happy sewing and quilting, BFN   Lorraine H 

Here is some eye candy to show the many talents of the group.

One of the bundles of    quilts completed.

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