Saturday, November 26, 2011

These bags were made for our stall at Queensland Quilters in November where we raised $250 for purchasing another roll of batting.
We have been extremely productive these past few months and are delighted with our progress.  After being up and running for just over 18 months, we've managed to provide quilts and other comforts for so many charity organisations and groups here on the Sunshine Coast.

We've also started making little pajamas for the little foster kids.  Yvonne's done a great job with these.

One of the activities our sister group Project Linus in Brisbane has been able to achieve over the years is to provide quilts to students of Special Schools in the Brisbane Region.  It was been our hope up here on the Sunshine Coast to be able at some time,  to do the same for our Special Schools.  To our delight, we have achieved that goal, way ahead of when we predicted that we would be able to. 

This is a fabulous pattern for boys - and we need lots of boys quilts!
7 Bags ready for delivery to Nambour Special School

At our last meeting on October 31st at the church hall, it took us some time to allocate each quilt to a child on the list the school provided for us. We knew the gender and the age and chose accordingly. The ages ranged from 7 years to 19 years, so we were challenged to find an appropriate quilt for each student. But we did it!

At the end of the meeting we delivered to Nambour Special School 110 quilts and 1 raffle quilt for the P&C to help to raise funds for the school.  What a buzz!! The staff were delighted as we rolled up in Kays van, with seven large bags full of gorgeous quilts.  One each for every student.  Here's some pictures taken as we were sorting quilts ready for delivery.

Anne with a lovely strippy quilt she has made - these are really gorgeous.

This quilt was made by Barb for her daughter (we had to show it off)

We have our AGM at the next meeting on the 28th November.  It should be a great day as we are hoping to have enough quilts for another delivery to a special school.  Watch this space!

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