Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday 26th September

September saw us with a few ladies not in attendance. Maybe there are some Grannies who mind their little ones who are on school holidays.
We missed Sue as her MIL was going back to NewZealand on the next day of our gathering.
Sue is such a clever little beaver and dropped off some things, a fabulous Black and white large carry all with a tissue holder, lipstick holder and a smaller purse. There is a special purpose for this set. (No not for me, but I would like it )

Carolyn brought along her grandson and granddaughter to show their first quilts that they have made. Using their own ideas and colour combinations as the starting point it did not take long to produce 2 very nice quilts. I am sure Carolyn and their mother must be very proud of their quilting skills.
Watch out in the daily newspapers for the article on how they made their quilts. Well done !!!

Judie had a few items to discuss. Judie would like to have a Christmas gathering at her place a few weeks before Christmas. More about that as the time gets closer.

The Annual General meeting will need to be held in November as we probably will not have a December meeting. At the hat meeting we will have to select a new Committee including a Blog editor.
The liability fees have been paid, thanks to Bev's husband Rowan.

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