Saturday, May 12, 2018

Items received and given.....

A very generous donation of a Happy Jack quilting system and sewing machine has been received by Sunshine Linus from Judy, a Sydney friend of Betty. Thank you Judy…the Happy Jack has already been offered a home.

One of the quilts quilted on the Happy Jack.

Sunshine Linus receives many ‘thank you’ letters each month for items donated. A lovely letter was recently received from Paisley, Tom and Luna who welcomed their baby daughter into the world at Mareeba Hospital on 13th March.  An extract from the letter is printed below:

“I am a seamstress myself and I had made a few things for our daughter but the blanket you included is her favourite to sleep under at night. Nothing else compares for her. We use the wash cloth for baths, it’s so soft! And the socks are still a little big but we look forward to using them too. The weather is cooling here and we can’t wait to use the cardigan. Thank you again, so much, it was a beautiful gift and warmed our hearts."

Well done to the ladies who make the ‘baby’ packages - such a glowing commendation of all that you do for Sunshine Linus. 

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