Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Support for Sunshine Linus Inc most appreciated

Sunshine Linus Inc has a large group of members who actively attend meetings and contribute enormously to our output of quilts and comforts for people in need on the Sunshine Coast.

We also have a large group of supporters who help Sunshine Linus in different ways to achieve our mission. 

One such supporter is Diane Farrugia, who has a Machine Quilting Business in Brisbane.  Her business is called Diane's Quilting Quest.  Diane made contact with us during 2012 and has offered her services to Sunshine Linus free of charge.  It is incredible to receive this kind of support and we are so grateful to Diane for thinking of us. 

Sometimes we have quilt tops that are just too big for our quilters to machine quilt on a domestic sewing machine and that's where Diane comes in.  Her work is very professional and we can recommend her work to any quilters who are looking for exceptional workmanship, a reasonable turnaround time and a very reasonable price.

Here's a link to Diane's website where you can find out her contact details and lots more:  www.quiltingquest.com.au

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