Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014 meeting

Yesterday Cynthia and I loaded up the car and headed to Nambour for the Sunshine Linus meeting.  Several large fabric donations, secretary and treasurer bags, our sewing and most importantly our lunch made for a full car load.  At least the garages were empty for a little while ...

It didn't take long for the distribution table to be full and we still had items to be added during Show and Tell.

The ladies that make gowns, hats, booties and blankets of love for maternity departments around the state have certainly been spreading the Christmas cheer early.  Nine hospitals will have a brighter Christmas with wall hangings and gowns like these.

colourful blanks of love

Show and Tell gives people the chance to show members and visitors what they have been making. Just look at the variety of things we make. If you want to know where things go have a look under the "What we make and where it goes" page.

how to make a panel into a bigger quilt

Rosemary making a picture into the centre of a touchy feely quilt

Win clearing the cupboard of colourful bits and pieces

Win converted someones cut squares into this quilt 

Barbara's Kanyini bears for the SCPH at Buderim

looks like a butterfly flying into the bright light!

Daphne made this bright kids quilt top which Kaye will quilt

Jodie put her new free motion quilting skills to good use - well done!

Pip says she is learning - I'd say very quickly!

Jan used the last "Walk in the Garden" fabric to make this starry number

Daphne quilted this Australian quilt

Earlier in October Judie and I were guest speakers at the Island Quilters meeting on Bribie Island. We came home with so many things - a bag of quilts that have already been donated, lots of these beautiful teddies for the foster children, fabric for more sewing and a $500 donation!  That will buy wadding for quiet a few quilts.  Thank you Island Quilters.

As Sunshine Linus becomes known to the special schools and support groups for special needs families, we are increasingly receiving requests for one-off items to meet a person's particular need. Zoey is one such child.  She spends a lot of time lying down and is not able to clutch objects.  She needed a touchy feely that was big enough to lie on and have objects around the outside that she could brush past and feel or hear a noise.  We hope that Margaret's creation brings Zoey some joy.

Margaret's very large touchy feely quilt
Another request was for a handbag that could be tied on to the back of a wheelchair so that elderly residents could take their belongings with them.

a wheelchair bag

a 10 year old girl's tabbard apron touchy feely

These felt boards are being tested at a local special school.  They allow students to match colours or shapes.

Regular readers will know that I like to end my blog with a quilt that helps special school teachers with books they read to their students.  Well this month I have two for you. The first is "What made Tiddalik Laugh?".  This Aboriginal story is about Tiddalik the frog that drinks the country dry so the top picture shows brown countryside with bare sand and dry brown leaves.  All the (detachable) animals try to make Tiddalik laugh.  Only the platypus is successful and then all the water (creaks, rivers, ponds and fish) get laughed back on to the once dry land.

Story two is "Rosie's Walk".  Rosie the chicken lives in a hen house in a farmyard.  She goes for a walk across the yard, around the pond, over the haystack, past the mill, through the fence and under the beehives. Meanwhile the fox is one step behind.

Thanks to obstacles like the rake, flour falling from the mill and a wagon, Rosie manages to survive the walk to go home to her hen house.

Hope to see you at the next meeting on Monday 24 November.  Just a reminder to members that this meeting is also the AGM.

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