Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 FMQ workshop & Toogoolawah wish list

Every now and again we get together to learn new skills or at least improve the skills we need for sewing and quilting.  Today we had a workshop on free motion quilting.

Judie had us quilting in straight lines, zigzags, m's, waves and then we got into daisies, figure 8s and coils.  A useful and fun time was enjoyed by all.



Whenever Sunshine Linus members meet we make use of the time to gather handcrafted items ready for distribution.  Today we were putting together items for families and community groups in Toogoolawah.

During July, President Judie travelled about one and a half hours west of Brisbane to the little township of Toogoolawah.  There she presented some families with weighted blankets, touchy feely quilts and bags etc for their ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children.  She compiled a wish list and here are some of the items going to Toogoolawah ...

The touchy feely below is the standard size we make.  It is made up of four rows of 5 blocks each cut six and a half inches square.

a touchy feely made for a little girl
This is a much larger touchy feely designed for use on a settee, mattress or even the floor.  It uses 9 inch squares of sensory fabrics and lots of tactile ribbons, lace, wool, fabric and bits and pieces.

settee touchy feely

On the other hand, this is a smaller than normal touchy feely.  This one is designed for use on the arm of a chair and is made from 6 six and a half inch squares.  The built in fiddle bag and hanging bits should keep a child's hands busy when they are watching TV.

chair arm touchy feely

We had a request for a stress reliever.  This smiley creation has eight different fabric arms and fillings:
  • blue lycra arm is filled with tulle
  • brown corduroy arm contains lots of tiny buttons
  • blue silk arm has a soft foam filling
  • pink arm is full of snippets of wool
  • beige plastic arm is stuffed with bubble wrap
  • blue fluffy fleece arm is also filled with fleece
  • red knit arm moves with rice
  • grey smooth fleece contains toy stuffing just like the face

Weighted blankets measure 40 inches square and have 36 pockets to put weights into.

Weighted lap quilts are a cut down version of the weighted blanket.  They have 8 pockets and are used to calm people when they are sitting in class, at a computer or watching TV.
the pockets inside a weighted lap quilt

weighted lap quilts
Balloon covers make it easier for little fingers to hold on to a balloon.  Fiddle bags contain rice and a list of items for people to look for.
The children who attend the Toogoolawah Special Education Unit will soon receive these lovely quilts.

We are also sending them a bit of the sea ...

The next regular Sunshine Linus meeting is on Monday 25 August.

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