Monday, September 2, 2013

Open Day 2013

Our inaugural Open Day last Saturday was enormously successful.  Our main objectives were to connect with the community and to raise funds to continue our work, and we have achieved both!
I popped around before the doors were open to take some photos.

Firstly, the meeters and greeters, Maureen, Nikki and Barb, ready to take admissions and sell raffle tickets.  The first prize is a choice of the lovely Irish Chain quilt or the beautiful woven blanket on the end of the table. A difficult choice.

Step inside and to the left and here's a long view of the church.  The quilts over the pews are Sunshine Linus donation quilts, while those hanging are the personal precious quilts of some of our members. 
Liz and Thelma discussing strategy
Looking back from the church through the vestibule to the meeting hall. 
The sales tables are groaning with goodies. 
Lee is waiting for customers - it won't be long now!

Quilts, toys, bags, scarves and so much more; it's hard to know what to buy!
But there's more! Cushions and owls and more quilts!
Rosemary has been bundling pre-loved craft magazines for sale, and is also raffling the delightful knitted clown.
Inside the meeting hall are displays of some of the items made and distributed by Sunshine Linus.
Blankets of love and tiny robes for babies, knitted jumpers, beanies and toys, children's pyjamas, adult bibs for nursing home residents, weighted blankets and vests for special schools, zippered bags for toiletries, bags for carrying xrays, and bright busy bags for foster children.

Touchy feely quilts and aprons, knitted slipper socks, drainage bags for oncology units, scarves, rice bags to stimulate Alzheimer's patients, and quilted, crocheted and knitted lap rugs.
Along a bit further here's Bev S at the demonstration table.
Bev's sewing some bags and chatting with our visitors.
Also, in the meeting hall are the vendor stalls.
Here's Penny from Patchwork Angel.
Robyn and Chris from Bowerbirdy.

Julie from Nimble Stitches
And Kim and her helper from Kimz Sewing and Patchwork.
The doors are open and our salesladies are being kept very busy.
And then a lovely Devonshire tea, aaah.
The ladies in the kitchen did a fabulous job of keeping up with the hungry hordes.
There was an enormous amount of work being done behind the scenes and our grateful thanks go to all the husbands and family and friends who came to help out.
There will be another post shortly with news of the winners of the lovely raffles.


  1. It was a great day. Walking into the church with all those quilts displayed over pews and hanging at the side...mind blowing! lol

    1. Thanks Maria, and it was terrific to get to meet you at last

  2. The pictures of the church with that amazing collection of quilts are fantastic! Well done to you all for the amazing work that you do and for putting on such a super exhibition.

  3. What a beautiful array of quilts. A real feast for the eye. Your cause is really worthwhile and I hope that the day spread the word for you and boosted the coffers so you can continue with your work. I'm over from Maria's blog.

  4. A Quilt show with a difference! It just goes to show that even if the quilt is made with a simple pattern it is beautiful. My 8 year old granddaughter loved getting up close to all those cheery quilts. We had a lovely time and were sad to leave.

  5. Hi Bev - coming your way via Marias blog. What a fabulous 'Show' of so many beautiful & varied quilts!!

  6. Also here via Maria - looks like a wonderful day for everyone and I hope it was a successful day financially as well. I'll keep an eye on your blog and maybe I'll make it next year if you do it again.

  7. How totally overwhelming to be getting so many lovely comments. Thank you all, and thanks Maria for sending such nice folks to visit.

  8. Hello from the USA! Maria sent me over from her blog to check you all out. I would have been there if I wasn't on the other side of the Earth. Such glorious quilts and such a wonderful day - looks like everyone had a wonderful time and I truly hope your cause was helped immensely. Owls are so HUGE here those awesome pillows would have been the first thing to go here. Best wishes for your wonderful group!

  9. Popping in from from Marias Blog too. As Maria knows, I may not always leave a comment but I make sure I visit all you lovely ladies. Looks like you had a very successful day. Sue

  10. wow you had so many quilts on display.........wished I lived closer...........

  11. Well done on putting on such a wonderful quilt show. The number and quality of quilts on display was amazing, the devonshire tea was delicious, and it was great to catch up with quite a few friends(including Maria). I am so pleased that you had such a successful day.