Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 us!

Wow, two years on and look how far we've come!
At least 927 quilts; 112 weighted blankets; 71 Touchy Feelies; 183 Zipper bags; 44 pairs children's pyjamas; 179 Xray/tote bags; plus countless items of knitted babywear, beanies and bears; crocheted and knitted rugs; chemo turbans; situpons for small schoolchildren; hot gel bag and wheat bag covers; and pillowcases.
What a wonderful band of talented and capable and giving and caring and fabulous women you are!!  Congratulations to everyone - give yourselves a pat on the back - and thank you all so much.

We had a great party - lots of food and fun and frivolity.
And cake!
I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying myself.

But there was some work done, too.  Many lovely quilts came in, and some beautifully knitted kiddies' jumpers and knitted bears.  And Irene Joyce sent along 3 lovely quilts - thanks, Irene.

And Wendy's been busy again with her "art" touchy feelies.

Here's Minnie Mouse - I think she's off to the casino all dolled up and loaded with cash!
We've distributed a load of goodies this month, too.
Royal Children's Hospital have received 114 boy's and girl's quilts, 103 zipper bags, 4 weighted blankets and 6 touchy feelies; and 42 touchy feelies have been sent to aged care facilities, 5 each to Glenbrook, Nangarin Lodge, Sundale Bowder Lodge, Sundale Palmwoods, RSL Tantula Rise, Adventist Retirement Village Caloundra, and Mt Coolum Aged Care, 4 to Noosa Nursing Centre, and 3 to Southern Cross Care Caloundra; Glenhaven Refuge have been given 43 quilts for women and children;  Special Education at Mountain Creek have had 4 weighted blankets; Premion Oncology, 35 Xray totes;  Nambour General Hospital have received 46 hot gel bag covers and 14 wheat bag covers (courtesy of Sharon the Unstoppable); and Lions Emergency Accommodation have received two enormous bags of knitted teddies which we received from Samford quilters, plus various knitted hats, scarves, socks, jumpers and blankets.  We also received a donation of 6 very fancy pillowcases
which have been forwarded to Pillowcases4OncologyKids (Check them out on facebook).
What a day!!!
Because there are 5 Mondays in July we're squeezing in an extra meeting day on Monday 16th.  We'll be having a quilt-as-you-go demo/workshop, so if you have some blocks prepared, and possibly even quilted, we'll show you how to put them together. (We'll show you even if you aren't prepared!)  Then the following meeting will be on July 30th.

Until then, keep busy and warm...............


  1. Congratulations on the groups' second birthday. An amazing number of items there and Wendy's 'Touchie feelie' is gorgeous!

  2. Very nice.