Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Touchy Feely Monday

Wow, over 30 ladies present at our Monday meeting:  the place was abuzz with activity!

Touchy feely kits were being made up, which involves small pieces of lots of different textiles, other girls were busy cutting lengths of lace and ribbons etc.

This rather special example of touchy feeliness was made by Wendy.
Many lovely quilts came in today, too.  Here's a selection of them.  What a clever bunch!

A fabulous sampler

Lovely kid's quilts (and quilters!)
Snuggly baby quilts
These fairies will make a little girl's heart sing!
Lorraine was working diligently at making weighted vests.  These are used as a calming tool for the kids at special schools.
Lorraine almost stopped talking long enough to have her picture taken!
We also received 10 lovely crocheted rugs from Maxine O'Sullivan along with three gorgeous teddy bears, lots and lots of coloured pencils and activity books, and children's socks and babywear. (I'm sorry, but I forgot to take photos of them).  And we'd also like to thank Rowan Young for his kindness in paying for our liability insurance once again.

This month we've been able to send; to Lily House who look after single teenage mums and their babies we've given 8 adult and 10 toddler quilts, 3 bears and some babywear; to Nambour General Hospital we've sent 10 baby quilts, 15 baby jackets and 5 chemo caps;  to Sunshine Coast Children's Therapy Centre 6 touchy feelys; and another 6 to Compass Institute;  Mt Carmel Prep have received 1 touchy feely; to Premion Oncology in Brisbane 30 xray bags; 11 crocheted/knitted rugs to various nursing homes; warm knitted beanies and slipper socks to Lions Emergency Accommodation; and children's socks and coloured pencils and activity books to Gifts 4 Kids in Care.

Our next meeting is on June 25th and we'll be celebrating our 2nd birthday!  We're going to have a real party with cake and games and stuff!  We're also going to be working so don't get too excited!  We'll be having a cutting party, so bring along your rotary cutter and mat and ruler - we're going to cut some of the excess fabric that we have into kits.  All hands on deck, so see you then........

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