Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 28th 2011 gathering.

We had a wonderful day at Sunshine Linus. We welcomed three newbies to our nest and made them feel right at home.


As usual the work continues to be amazing with so many comforts made for the needy up and down the Sunshine Coast.
There was quilts, weighted blankets, blankets of love and x-ray bags delivered to our group, which had been made by our group members.
We had a wonderful donation of fabric from Julie at NIMBLE STITCHES which is located in Burnett Street, BUDERIM. Thank you so much julie for your generousity, it is very much appreciated. The fabrics will go into quilts for children.

Ann told us that the x-ray bags she delivered to Premion were greatly received, and a phonecall of thanks was also received from this private Oncology service on the coast.

We had some great news from Chris, our Foster Parents contact - the department has approved the making of " comfort bags" for our little foster kids, so it is full steam ahead.

Sue gave the group an impromtu workshop on making these " Roly-Nesters ", and we will be getting busy  make as many as we can for Chris's organisation.

Marilyn got a few members together and they worked their little fingers off and made 18 kits containing all that is needed for the " Touchy Feely " quilts that we are making for the not only visually imaired, bu for those sffering Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia on the coast. These quilts are quite easy to make.
They are simply a square of fabric, which has lots of feely touchy items sewn on to raise the sence of touch for those that use them.
In Alzheimer's patients patients, sometimes the sence of touch is the one that works best, and these quilts offer comfort and a calming effect.
So now will will be busy making as many as possible to offer to nursing homes.

All in all we had a very busy day, and although it was very hot, the overhead fans kept us pretty cool.
We are very greatful to the Uniting Church of Nambour for allowing us to use their hall as our home.

Just a reminder to our members, to make something special for the fete that will be held at the Church soon.
We would like the items delivered to the church at our next gathering which will be 28th March.

We have our April gathering coinciding with the Anzac Day holiday, so we have moved just the April gathering to the 18th April, one week before the usual last Monday of the month.

I will add lots of photos (thank you Bev) in my next blog later today.

I would like to personally thank each member who do such great things to make Sunshine Linus Group
what it is today, and the group is less than a year old. Well done.

BFN and happy stitching,  Lorraine H

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